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Style up your storage

It might not be the most glamorous part of interior design, but storage is definitely the most important. Effective, efficient storage solutions mean the rest of your space is free to be as boujie as you want, without books/cables/bike helmets/walking boots/etc ruining the vibe.

Ensuring you have enough storage throughout your home doesn’t mean you have to live with a load of ugly plastic boxes everywhere, either. These days, storage solutions are as pretty as they are practical, and there are plenty of options to fit with your style as well as your needs. 

Choosing the right storage solution 

When it comes to stylish storage, the first step is choosing a type of storage that works for you – not only in terms of the items you need to store, but how often you use them, too. 

Think about the items you’d like to store away and where the storage will sit in your house. Things that you’ll only need access to a few times a year – like Christmas decorations, camping gear or decorating tools, for example – can go in simple boxes and be stored in the loft, shed, garage or cellar. Choose plastic boxes so there’s no danger of rusting, and look for styles that can be stacked on top of each other, like these sleek versions

For things that get used a lot, you’ll need a storage solution that you can get to easily. Kids’ toys are a great example of things that need to be packed away at the end of the day, but then will be swiftly unpacked again the next morning! A stylish toy box like this Scandi style looks like a considered addition to your space rather than an afterthought… and little ones will find it easy to use, too. 


Get planning 

Once you’ve worked out what your storage needs are and the type of storage that will work for you, you need to take a step back and do a little bit of planning before making any purchases. 

It’s no use trying to disguise a cluttered space with more storage – you’ll just end up compacting your woes by burying the stuff you need under the stuff you don’t, filling up your storage solutions and still having things all over the house. It’s time for a declutter!

If you start by being ruthless with your items – try keep, sell, donate piles to help you categorise everything – you can then introduce your shiny new storage system happy in the knowledge it’s only stuff you actually need going in there. This is particularly good advice if you’re looking for clothing storage – take a look at our blog post on how to detox your wardrobe before you go in with your storage. 


Make storage the focal point 

Your storage solutions don’t need to be hidden away out of sight – incorporating stylish storage into your space makes great interior design and means your things are easily accessible when you need them. 

We love cabinets for a storage/display double whammy –like this stunning shabby chic sideboard will create a focal point in your room, with the glass cabinet section used to store more decorative items like crockery or glassware. Then the cupboard below can house things you don’t really want on display but need a space for – placemats, pans, cat food, DIY tools… the list is endless!

Shelving units are another good option for making a centrepiece from your storage needs – this mid-century walnut style  would look fantastic stacked with books and vases, and you could add some stylish storage boxes to the shelves too, to hide less-attractive things away. 


A place for everything 

The number one rule of successful storage is to ensure everything has a place within your home. Clutter is caused by the build-up of things that don’t have a home – coats dumped on the back of chairs, books stacked on side tables, even the remote control slipping down the back of the sofa – all problems caused by lack of storage!

If you’re struggling for storage space in a particular room, think about the things causing clutter and how you could create a stylish space for them. For example, books can be organised by colour and displayed on shelves to create an interior feature, coats can be hung under a shelf that can also hold hats, scarves and gloves, and a decorative tray like this seagrass version can be used to hold loose bits and bobs like that pesky remote control. A place for everything!


Use the height of your room 

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home, make the most of them by extending storage solutions upwards. By going up rather than out, you’re preserving floor space which will make your rooms feel bigger and less cluttered, plus mounting stylish storage containers on the wall will draw the eye upwards and emphasise those lofty heights. This simple shelving unit is nice and tall, so can be hung high up on your wall to create lots of storage potential. 

High ceilings are also helpful for utilising the storage space above your furniture. Woven baskets can be placed on top of wardrobes to store seasonal items like heavy coats and boots.


Multifunctional solutions

We love a multifunctional piece for the home, and storage that does more than just keep things tidy is a real winner in our book. Take this hallway bench, for example – it’s the perfect place to sit while putting your shoes on (especially for little ones in your household), and underneath are some very handy roll-out storage boxes. Stick everything from shoes to umbrellas in the boxes for super easy access when you’re rushing out the door. 

For stylish bathroom storage that serves multiple purposes, look no further than a cabinet sink. With a sink sitting on the top and tons of storage underneath, it minimises the space storage takes up in the smallest room in the house. Very clever!


Introducing stylish storage boxes and making storage a feature of your home rather than something to hide is a great way to create a seamless interior look in every room. For more inspo, read this post by stylist Maxine Brady on pretty yet practical storage solutions in a kitchen space.
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