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Introducing: The Home Trends - Japandi

‘Japandi’ is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian – a style that mixes the serene, calming interiors of Japan with the clean, modern looks of Scandinavia to create a space that takes away the bustle of life for something more simplistic. 
Influencer Katie at @hello_haus talks us through the Japandi trend and how she achieves the look in her own home.
“This trend sees the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design to create a serene, minimal look. Although a “trend”, for me it’s more of a lifestyle and not something that passes with seasons or years. It’s a simplistic way of living. At the heart of this look is creating warmth through texture (the Scandinavian term ‘hygge’) and embracing “imperfect” shapes and forms (Japanese “Wabi-Sabi”).”

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Get the look
Simple shapes and calming colours are at the heart of the Japandi trend. This solid pine platform bed has a restful quality, especially when teamed with our linen bedspread in calming Celadon Blue

“I’ve selected natural wood furniture with clean lines, kept the colours muted and added lots of textiles to keep it cosy with cushions, curtains and throws. By choosing accessories with irregular shapes and unfinished textures it balances out the look. The goal here is uncluttered, calm and restful living.”

A textured jute rug will help soften a minimal space, while this quirky stool adds interest and detail. Throw in a natural cotton blanket to finish the look. 

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