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How to prepare your home for Christmas

9 quick updates to get your home in tip-top condition before Christmas

Hosting Christmas this year? You’ve probably got a to-do list as long as your arm and perhaps a slight air of panic around you at all times. Let’s face it, it’s probably not something you’ve had to think about for the last couple of years, so of course, you want to put on a great show! Perfect planning and preparation are paramount for the first family Christmas in a while.
Welcoming friends and family into your home for the festive period can be super stressful but getting your house in order before they arrive will make things easier. 
But there’s no need to panic, as there are a few simple things you can do around the house to make it cosy, comfortable and thoroughly Christmassy.
Grab a pen and paper, and let’s begin with updating the home for the sparkle season. Take a look at our top tips to prepare your home for Christmas. 

Consider what are quick home updates 

Despite the festive fun, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the planning and preparation that comes into force, faster than we think. But there is plenty of quick home improvements that you can do over a weekend, to get your house feeling like a home again. 

Declutter key areas 


Saying adios to some of the less needed items in your home has a cathartic effect for sure. 
We’re all guilty of putting things down and forgetting about them, and before you know it, that just becomes “the place” they go. A Christmas clean is the perfect time to be brutal with yourself - don’t forget, guests come with their own clutter too!
Remove anything that either doesn’t need to be at arm’s reach or that you simply don’t see yourself needing over the festive period. Use this opportunity to recycle, rehome or re-organise. Install a new home storage system to stash away the items you’re keeping.

Brighten things up


Around winter months when there is less natural light inside the home, things can begin to feel a bit drab. Adding a lick of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your room a glow-up.
Minor tasks such as whitewashing your kitchen walls to spruce things up will go a long way to illuminating space. Consider adding seasonal plants such as poinsettia and orchids to complement this and add a fresh feel.

Add a feature wall


Whilst having lighter walls in some rooms can be invigorating, when it comes to that cosy Christmas cocoon that we’re all craving, having darker walls can really set the mood. 
Consider adding some updated colour to your walls such as a deep forest green (very on trend) or a dark aubergine to give a new feel to your lounge area. 
If you are renting, or aren’t quite ready for the commitment of paint, prints and artwork work just as well when creating a feature wall. Special, statement pieces will encourage guests to spark up a conversation with one another too – avoiding any awkward silences! 
If you’re lucky enough to have a log fire, add a deep plush rug for toast lounging - perfect!

Finish off those annoying DIY jobs


There’s nothing worse than spending a day cleaning from top to bottom before your guests arrive, only to have Great Aunt Linda complain about the dodgy lock on the bathroom door. 
If you’re wondering how to get your home ready for Christmas, conquering the jobs that have been abandoned this year is a great place to start. Whether it is a dripping tap or a junk draw that just won’t close, now is the time to fix it. 
Have a quick whip around the house in the weeks running up to Christmas and make a note of any little tasks that need doing. Whether that be hanging pictures, oiling squeaky doors, or replacing clock batteries. 

Update your blank walls


There are two ways you can utilise blank wall space, either for practical additions or beautiful decor items. When guests arrive, what’s the first thing we do? Ask to take their coats! Consider adding some contemporary coat hooks on any space wall space in the hallways or smaller rooms. Floating shelves are also a great use of space in these areas.
You can also use your wall space to display gorgeous art prints or even hanging plants – but make the most out of festive themes with quaint and cute Christmas items. When it comes to Christmas decorations it simply goes without saying – go all out! 

Add luxury touches to your spare room


Get your spare room guest ready. For some, this may mean more than revamping the duvet and pillows. If your spare room occupies itself as a dumping ground for storage or clothes for most of the year, it may need a thorough declutter and dust before you begin dressing it up.
Why not spend a night in there yourself to check if the bed and mattress is still as comfortable as you remember? This will also give you the perfect opportunity to experience the lighting, noise and space and make quick fixes and tweaks before your guests stay over.
If you want to be remembered as the hostess with the mostest, a few thoughtful extras in your guests’ bedrooms will do the trick. A scented candle on the bedside table, an extra blanket on the bed or a fresh new novel to read are all lovely ways to make your guest feel welcome. Hang a stocking in there and pop a gift inside to help them feel at home.

Freshen up the kitchen


The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and once the Christmas dinner is over, you’ll find most of your guests gathered here for snacks and socialisation. No matter how big or small your space is, make sure your kitchen is party-proof with a simple refresh.
First things first, do an inventory check. Check all your crockery and cutlery to ensure quality and quantity. Consider which guests you’ll be hosting and what will be the maximum number you have at any one time, so you won’t risk running out.
Consider painting any cupboard fronts for a fresh look and upgrading the hardware on drawers and cupboards. Over recent years, it's clear that you don’t need a brand-new kitchen to transform its appearance.
As well as decluttering your cupboards, clear out your pantry to make way for the additional festive grazing delights you’re bound to add.

Update your furniture


The two main pieces of furniture required during Christmas, are a dining table and of course, the sofa. Spruce up your dining table by sanding off any marks or scratches and restrain or waxing the surface to make it like new. You may want to use a tablecloth to avoid any new marks, but it also dresses up the table and makes it all the more inviting. 
Take a look at how Geri from @overatno18 creates a tablescape Christmas here.
If your sofa is a little worn, add a luxurious fur throw and some festive scatter cushions to cosy up on to. The same applies to dining chairs too, a festive seat cover will not only prepare your guests for ample dining – but add a hint of decadence to your furniture too. 

Test out your emergency seating


In your average family home, it’s unlikely you’d be fit to cater for such a high volume of guests all year round. It’s a fact of life that at Christmas dinner, someone will be sitting on a
deckchair. Enter: emergency seating. 
Providing seats for lots of extra people doesn’t have to be a tough job, but it’s worth making sure you have a) enough seats and b) that they’re all suitable before you serve up the turkey. 
A great way to maximise space is by creating a smaller fun “children’s table”, where the little ones can eat together. Or, versatile seating such as a bench works just as well for those that require less space!
Dig out all your extra chairs and arrange them around the table so you can see how the layout works best. You could even draw up a seating plan to ensure everyone will be sitting comfortably on the big day.

Pack away your breakables


This one is especially important if you have small children coming to visit, but even in a house full of adults, it’s best to keep your breakables out of harm's way. Wrap vases, ornaments and even your favourite dishes in bubble wrap or brown paper and put them in storage until your guests have gone. 
That way your things are safe from your dad’s enthusiastic elbows when he dances to ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone'!
The same goes for that cream carpet - consider adding a hard-wearing jute rug if it’s in a high-traffic area to avoid any unexpected muddy footprints or red wine spillages!

Stock up on supplies


Doing the big Christmas grocery shop is a joyous occasion for sure. But let’s not underestimate how many of the basic things often get forgotten or passed over in favour of those luxury vol au vents. 
Milk, juice, bread, coffee, and anything else breakfast-related will need to be bought in bulk.

Other essentials such as loo roll, kitchen roll (handy for those inevitable spills!) toothpicks and serviettes are often forgotten. 
Don’t forget to have a spare communal phone charger handy in case someone forgets theirs.
The classic forgotten item that should be on everyone’s supplies list is batteries - you’re guaranteed for someone to get a toy from Santa that needs them.
This festive season you want to be able to take a real break and enjoy switching off. Getting ahead of some of those last-minute tasks and feeling house-proud and prepared will be the key. Your guests are bound to have a great experience regardless but don’t forget about yourself as the host.
There’s no reason you need to spend a fortune to get your home guest ready this season, but consider some of those luxury touches to give them a Christmas they won’t forget!
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