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How to curate a calm, restful bedroom that contributes to positive wellbeing

This season, we spoke to Cate St Hill, a design and interiors writer, blogger, stylist and consultant based in south London, UK about the important and very current topic of how to create a peaceful sanctuary at home. Cate believes in living in a home that is curated with meaning, honesty and intention – find her wise advice and her favourite pieces from La Redoute below. 

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During the past year or so, the home has become a sanctuary for so many. When the world outside feels chaotic and out of control, our inner spaces have become a retreat from it all – a place to relax, unwind and escape. Sleep has such a powerful impact on our wellbeing, so if there’s one place in the home that needs the most attention it’s the bedroom. Stepping into a calm space, closing the door and feeling instantly soothed can help us switch off and ultimately sleep better at night. It all starts with the senses – if you curate a bedroom to feel comfortable and connect with you on a deeper level, you’ll always have your very own sanctuary to come back to at the end of the day. 

Layer up the texture

Combine natural textures and soft fabrics to create a soothing, tactile feel that embraces all the senses. Linen bedding has a relaxed, laid-back appeal with little effort – you don’t even need to iron it! Gently creased and artfully undone, there’s something about the little imperfections in linen that can make a bed look cosy and inviting. It’s also temperature regulating, meaning it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter – so hopefully no more tossing and turning. Layer up with a lightweight washed linen bedspread and cushions with a gently fringed trim for ultimate textural appeal. 

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Choose warm, natural materials

Natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, rattan and jute can help bring a sense of warmth to an interior. They connect us back to nature and appeal with their subtle variations and organic texture. There’s even been research to show that sleeping in a wooden bed can help reduce your heart rate!

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Use soft, neutral colours that evoke a sense of calm

A bedroom should ideally be a place for rest and relaxation. Think carefully about how you react to colour and choose a tone that makes you feel calm and restored. In colour psychology, each colour is associated with certain feelings – red is the colour of passion and anger, for example, while green is connected to nature, renewal and energy. So you might want to leave the bold tones for the living room and tone down the hue in the bedroom. I like to use the walls as a neutral backdrop and allow my accessories to add the colour and interest. This creates a space that can better adapt to your mood and change with the seasons.

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Bring the outside in

Plants have been shown to not only improve air quality, but help reduce stress levels and aid wellbeing. The best plants for a calm, restful bedroom are aloe vera, peace lily and lavender, but if you’re not very green fingered, a faux plant will do just as well to add an element of fresh, vibrant greenery. Read more tips on bringing the outside in here.

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Introduce some curves and natural, organic forms

Curves, fluid forms and organic shapes are all hot right now. Why? Curved objects can make us feel happier and less fearful. Lots of straight lines and shiny, sleek surfaces can feel quite harsh and severe to the eye, whereas curves give a space a more tranquil feel. Art featuring curved shapes also has a more restful quality than anything too dynamic that might keep you awake and alert at night. 

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