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Ways to make your house feel more like a home

Rebecca Wakefield is the founder of Studio Fortnum, and an interior designer who is passionate about creating stylish, calm and unpretentious interiors with an emphasis on textures and materiality.




Recently, we’re finding ourselves spending more and more time within our homes. Creating an interesting and exciting home that you love living in is not only an art form, but often an equation too, there’s fundamental elements that will really help your space to feel inviting, cosy and stylish. Here are my top tips, along with my favourite La Redoute products to help you to create a sophisticated and well pulled-together room.



One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room is to add a rug. Rugs really help to ground and zone spaces. Always try and buy the largest one possible to fit the room, and ideally the furniture should sit on the rug to anchor and pull the space together. La Redoute is one of my favourite high street stores to source oversized rugs, they have a great collection. For a rustic feel, add texture in the form of jute rug. For a more cosy, Scandi vibe, try a wool Berber rug , and for a bolder, graphic style, I love this one.



Lighting is absolutely key in creating a welcoming, warm and homely feel in any space. Generally, you should try and have no less than four light sources in each space. That can be made up of downlights, pendants, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Adding feature pendants always really elevates the look of a room, this rattan pendant will bring texture and interest to any space and I love the interesting, sculptural form. I’d hang it low over a dining table to create an intimate dining vibe.

This lamp and shade would work beautifully in a bedroom, the elegant and timeless style would pop against a darker wall colour, or create a fresh and relaxed look against a neutral wall.


Don’t forget to add floor lamps! Introducing one next to your favourite armchair, alongside a side table will create a cosy reading nook and will completely transform a corner of a room. This midcentury inspired one would work beautifully with an armchair alongside this side table.


Wall lights always add such a gentle light and really help to create focal areas within rooms, La Redoute have some great plug in options like this , which means there’s no need for hard wiring as they can go anywhere near an existing plug socket point.



Great storage solutions not only make a space feel well-designed but also help to ensure everything has a place, meaning the whole house feels calmer, more organised and more spacious. Use a media cabinet or sideboard under the TV to hide away all the electricals while creating extra living room storage. I love the texture on this low and long cabinet, which makes it feel fresh and modern, or for a smaller space this smaller but higher sideboard in the same style

If you’re short on storage space in the kitchen how about adding a drinks cabinet in your dining space? This can hold glasses and drinks and is slim enough to fit into a chimney alcove.

Even ceiling hanging or floating shelves can help to increase storage space; show off your nicest glasses and crockery here. If you have a small bathroom, small metal shelves are ideal for shampoos and beauty products




The most common advice I give to clients who want to make their homes cosier and better pulled-together is to add curtains. Curtains, blinds and drapery will really elevate your space, while providing practical privacy and warmth. La Redoute do brilliant long length curtains, ideal for homes with high ceilings and you can filter by colour, price or material. I tend to be drawn towards natural fabrics like linen and really love the detailing on these. I often use the curtain clips to hang them for a relaxed and chic French look.


The most effective way to update your bedroom is by adding new bedding, washed linen is my go to; it gets better with age and looks effortless, relaxed and avoids the need for ironing! There’s nothing better than a white bedding set, with two large square cushions in front of your pillows in a contrasting colour and a feature cushion in front.

I have used the Elina washed linen flat sheets as bed throws for years, they come in so many colour ways and are a great way to inject some life and colour into your bedding by layering one on top of your duvet at the end of the bed.


It’s the new buzz word, but interior styling makes or breaks a space. Try to mix sizes, scales, forms and materials when styling shelves and pick out things you love and are feel personal. Mix in vintage, antique and new items with house plants, books, photos and art. Here are some objects I love:






Adding mirrors to hallways, above sideboards and chest of drawers will also help to elevate a space, layer with lamps and it will bring another dimension to the room. I love this oversized round brass one.

Implement these basic design rules and you’ll find yourself transforming dull and uninspiring spaces into well curated, personal rooms full of character and life. It’s never been more important to create homes from our houses. The interior really is the life of the building.

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