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15 ways to get your garden summer ready

Is that sunshine we spy? Yes, it’s safe to say winter is behind us, spring is the new thing and summer is at finally at our fingertips once again. 

Saying that, though… after a winter of neglect, our gardens could probably do with a spruce. It’s all well and good organising that first Bank Holiday BBQ or pulling out the paddling pool for the kids, but if you’ve got weeds growing higher than your guests, you might want to do a bit of prep first. 

If you’re wondering how to update your garden for summer sunshine (we hope), we’ve created a handy checklist so you can tick off each job as you do it. And we’re not talking full-on landscaping here – once you’ve got the foundations sorted, it’s really about dressing the space. 

Here’s how to prepare your garden for summer… 

1. Update your garden furniture 

You might think the first thing you need to do to give your garden a summer makeover is cut the grass, plant some flowers, maybe jet wash the patio? Nope – you need to order that garden furniture

Get your garden furniture order in first and it’ll motivate you to do all the other stuff, ready for your delivery. It’ll also help you think about what you use your garden for, and what kind of space you want to create. 

Want to enjoy al fresco meals? The Myrton garden furniture set is great for serving up delicious dishes.  


For more advice on your garden furniture purchase, discover our buying guide and see what the latest trends are. 

2. Think about the accessories

Once you’ve got the furniture sorted, add in a few accessories to really kickstart your garden makeover. Dress your table with outdoor crockery and a jazzy tablecloth. We love these hot pink dinner candles for adding a pop of colour, too.  


3. Weeding

Right, onto the proper work. Getting your garden back in order after winter can be a big job, but if you take it section by section, you’ll get through it in no time. 

Now is the perfect time to weed your garden, as weeds are just starting to emerge as the weather warms up. Set a timer for 15 minutes, weed as much as you can, then stop and have a break. Pull weeds up by hand right from their roots, spray with weed killer and if you can, cover with black plastic to stop them coming back. 


4. Cutting the grass

Like weeding, cutting grass needs to be a regular thing in the spring and summer months to make sure you keep on top of it. 

Cutting your grass regularly is the key to a lush, healthy lawn. Make sure you do it on a dry day and avoid any newly-sown areas. Trim the edges for a neat look and compost the cuttings. 


5. Pruning 

Pruning your plants is another essential job for your garden makeover. Keeping plants neat and tidy not only looks great, but means big plants don’t grow out of control and dominate smaller plants around them. 

What to prune and how all depends on what’s growing in your garden. Check out this handy guide from Royal Horticultural Society for more information.  


6. Jet washing 

One of the most fun jobs in the garden – time to get the jet washer out! There’s nothing quite so satisfying as blasting a year’s worth of grime off the patio, and the results are always amazing. If you don’t have a jet washer, you can hire one from your local garden or DIY centre. It’s worth it!


7. Sort the shed 

Be honest now – when’s the last time you looked in your shed? Sheds quickly become dumping grounds for all manner of stuff, from punctured paddling pools to mouldy chair cushions. 

Set aside a few hours to pull everything out, sort through it and reorganise so it’s easily accessible. And you could give the outside of your shed a lick of paint too!


8. Consider your outdoor storage options 

Once you’ve sorted your shed, you might find your storage options are a bit lacking – especially for things like garden sofa cushions and outdoor toys. 

We love handy storage that doubles up as a table for drinks and snacks – like this warm wooden storage box, or a chest with wheels for easy manoeuvring.  


9. Get the senses going – add aromatic fragrances with plants 

Walking into a fragrant garden at the height of summer is truly a joy, so now’s the time to look for scented plants that will make your garden smell delightful. 

Try climbing star jasmine, which is great for small spaces as it grows up walls, lily of the valley or lemon verbena for fresh, summery scents. 


10. Seek the shade with a parasol

Making sure your garden is a comfortable space means adding areas of shade where people can cool down when the weather’s hot. We love a retro fringed parasol for a swinging sixties look, while a simple black parasol gives a classic look. 


11. Cosy up by the fire 

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, maximise its use over the summer months to really make the most of it. A fire pit or lantern is a great option for after dark – not only to keep you warm, but to create light, add entertainment and extend your time outside.

For smaller spaces, a portable burner is perfect while larger gardens can host a full fire pit. 


12. Let there be light

The easiest way to set the scene in your garden is with lighting. Well-placed lights can add so much atmosphere to a garden space, especially when the sun goes down. 

Try wall-mounted lamps, lanterns than can be dotted around and moved as needed and solar powered fairy lights that come on automatically. 


13. Outdoor dining – clean the BBQ 

Nearly there now – just the last few jobs to tick off before you’re summer party ready. And cleaning the BBQ is not the most fun, we’ll admit! 

The winter months are tough on BBQs – all that cold, wet weather means rust can build up on the grill. To give it a really good clean ready for another season of burgers and hot dogs, scrub the surface with a metal or stainless steel brush to remove residue. Create a cleaning paste with baking soda, salt and a splash of water, then apply using a sponge and leave for 15 minutes. Then, all you need to do is wipe away to reveal a sparkly clean grilling surface!


14. Add comfort with cushions and a rug 

Outdoor furnishings are perfect for adding cosiness and comfort to your garden space. We love a leaf print rug for mirroring your natural surroundings, or go neutral and classic with a woven rug. For outdoor cushions, why not jazz things up with some bright colours to add to your space – comfort and style! 


15. Add height with planters and add texture with plant pots 

The finishing touch to your garden makeover – some well-placed planters and pots will add detail and intrigue to your outdoor space. A brass planter has a lovely texture, and a raised planter is perfect for veggies.


All that’s left now is to plan the guest list! Read our blog post for more advice on getting garden ready for guests for your next summer entertaining session. 
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