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Fall in love with your home again

Having your home transformed into a winter wonderland over December brings so much joy! However, the period in between Christmas & New Year and beyond can leave you scratching your head and feeling something isn’t right. With the addition of the lovely gifts and temporary furniture, things suddenly look cluttered…

Having a clear-out and a shuffle around is not only really cathartic, but it also helps you to really appreciate your environment! Let’s face it, many of us spend a lot more time at home in January than in the rest of the year. Post-Christmas budgets, embarking on a health kick and a change in habits means we tend to enjoy a bit of a social switch-off in January.

Show your family how to enjoy being at home and take this opportunity to spruce everything up.

If you’re deciding to kick back and get cosy this January, check out our easy hints and tips to help you discover how to enjoy your home.

Say goodbye to festive clutter


Just like your wonderful guests over the festive season, you’ve loved it, and now it’s time to release it. Start by packing away the most prominent Christmas decor, and organising it into handy
storage containers so it’s easier to access next year (future you will be grateful). 

Next, if you’ve got young children, perform a “toy audit”. With all of the newer items that have appeared lately, there’s bound to be plenty of pre-loved items that are ready to be re-loved. 

Put together a selection of games and toys that can be offered to a charity shop and clear some space at the same time.

Finally, do a check on any festive glassware, crockery or platters. They’ve had their time and you’ll look forward to taking them back out of storage next year.

Clear out your kitchen cupboards


Have you ever noticed that throughout December your snack habits reach a whole new level? It doesn’t help that this is contributed to with festive gifting, tins of biscuits, selection boxes, and delicious nibbles.

Enjoy the last ones you can muster, and if you still have leftovers why not take them to a food donation bank where someone else can enjoy them?

Use this opportunity to clear out your cupboards and wipe them clean so they’re fresh and organised. Take it one step further and get a
cutlery tray and drawer dividers installed for the ultimate assembly.

Give your main rooms a glow up


Which of your rooms do you spend most of your time in? Most families gravitate towards a particular room, be it the kitchen diner or lounge. Whichever are the main rooms for you, consider giving them a glow-up.

The first (and easiest) step is moving your furniture around. You might have swapped things around to accommodate your tree over the last month or so, so really lean into appreciating that extra space. Pull everything out, clean, and experiment with a new room layout.

Next, bring some of your old favourites to the forefront. Classy and contemporary
decor can get forgotten in favour of Santas and snowmen, so it’s nice to dust off some old ornaments and grant them centre stage again. Pairing different combinations together can offer a whole new feel to a room!

Complement the old with the new by choosing a new
sculpture or cute pot hanger.

Embrace the wildlife


We don’t know about you, but when was the last time you got out in the garden? Gardens and outdoor areas can get neglected in the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them! For the wildlife it can be a tough time over winter, so add a touch of love to your outdoor area this January.

Create a natural bird bath or add a bird feeder to create an attractive environment for our feathered friends.

Take control of any overgrown or dying plants, and pressure wash your mossy patio.

Add a
firepit to create a centrepiece and enjoy a frosty evening toasting some marshmallows with your family.

Bring nature inside


Even though it’s chilly outside, fresh flowers add such an uplifting tone to a home. Propagate some from outdoor cuttings to enjoy inside or seek out seasonal sprigs such as tulips or daffodils.

Keeping up with your fresh flowers over the darker months not only lifts the mood but adds a subtle scent to each room.

Fresh flowers not up your street? Consider a beautiful and classy
artificial plant to add colour all year round (without maintenance).

Comfort is key


Maximise your comfort this January! When you’re at the office and thinking about your cold journey back home, all you want to do is feel warm, safe and comfortable when you return.

Adding as many layers as possible of comfort to your main rooms will mean staying in will feel irresistible.

Stack up your
cushions and throws to curl up on your sofa. 

If you’ve got a fluffy
deep pile rug, it’s a great time to get this cleaned following the pine needles and extra foot traffic.

Consider adding a cosy runner to your hallway so you can enjoy the sumptuous comfort the moment you get through the door.

Low key lighting


The way you illuminate your space plays a huge role in creating the mood. Around the festive period, when it comes to lighting, pretty much anything goes. From your mixed colour fairy lights to the flashing snow globe, it can often escalate into an eclectic mix.

Consider how you want to light your room. During winter months, opt for warm and low lighting, to really create that welcoming feel. Choosing a
table lamp or floor lamp will help light the room in a less intense manner.

However, if you are wanting to inject some spring energy into your rooms, consider switching out your
bulbs from warm white to bright white - it’s a subtle switch but can make a huge difference to the ambience.

Fill your room with scent


We all dream of a home that smells divine. Scent provides a really important association with your home and plays a huge part in creating memories. Experiencing an enticing waft of scent as you arrive gives a welcoming first impression you’ll want again and again.

Some families like to have a consistent fragrance throughout every room in their house, whereas other homemakers love to use scent to create “zones”.

Perhaps you might choose a zesty and fresh
reed diffuser for your living area, but prefer a more floral and romantic candle for your bedroom.

Whichever way you choose to add fragrance to your home, this invisible finishing touch is one to remember for sure.

There we have it. Once you’ve worked your way through our expert hints and tips, you’re bound to be falling head over heels for your home again.

If you’re ready for a deeper transformation and are still searching for how to love your home, you can pick up some more techniques from our recent expert blog on transforming your space without redecorating - ooh, tell us more! Read here.

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