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Exploring the tassels and trims trend by @nest_twenty_eight

Lucinda Mitra of @nest_twenty_eight lives in sunny East Sussex and shares her love of interiors on her lively page. Here, she explores the popular Tassels and Trims trend and suggests how to incorporate this look into any home.

Getting to know the trend

Think that tassels and trims only belong if you prefer a more boho-chic vibe, or perhaps that they’re only for the summer season due to the light and airy hues? Think again! They are a fantastic way to bring an extra dimension of cosiness and interest into your décor and if you feel that your space is looking a little lacklustre and flat, then the "Tassel and Trims” trend from La Redoute trend is just for you.

The finishing touches

Thanks to the tactile nature of the Parfeto cotton throw, Natural pom-pom cushion, Nyborg Berber-style rug and Scala curtains, you can make a quick refresh to your room, adding instant impact that looks effortless and invites you and those around you in.

Nyberg extra large berber style Ecru rug with tassels by La Redoute

If this is a look you haven’t considered before, not only are there natural tones aplenty, there are also rich, velvety jewel pops of colour if glam is more up your street or cooler blue shades to add a complimentary contrast.

Bronze yellow velvet cushion with tassels by La Redoute

What I love about the Tassel and Trims trend is that due to its versatility it can be enjoyed from the height of spring through to the depths of winter, and once the good weather returns, you can try it outdoors too for a perfectly chilled backdrop to a BBQ with loved ones.
Lucinda has embraced this trend, find it on the La Redoute Interiors Hub, and explore more inspirational ideas with Maxine Brady, who shares her ideas for an organised and attractive kitchen.
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