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Creating a calm bathroom space with Liv Madeline

A bathroom is a space where you can destress and relax and is among the most used rooms in your home, it’s somewhere you can relax and rest after a long day. I believe if you’re seeking a moment of stillness and escape, the bathroom is where you’ll find it.
Creating calm spaces in my home is so important to me, La Redoute have asked me to identify an area in my home to style up; which couldn’t have come at the most perfect time as we had just started to embark on our bathroom renovation.
Despite being limited on space, I really wanted to create a calming sanctuary. To give the bathroom a roomy feel, we’d decided to go for a walk-in shower and opted for the large Biface Irregular Pebble Mirror not only has it created an illusion of space, it’s allowed extra light which has opened up the room making it both brighter and spacious.



Neutrals is well associated with calmness, I wanted to use as many neutral tones and textures as possible. We chose to go for natural stone tiles, bamboo accessories and texture. I picked the The Scayle Oak ladder in lieu of a traditional towel bar to give the bathroom a warm feel, which allows you to showcase your favourite towels and not only does the Asayo Oak Stool tie in perfectly it also adds an inviting organic touch.Image 2 - Scayle Bathroom Storage Unit, 3125, La Redoute.png


Utilising your space is also important in achieving a calming bathroom space – keeping your shower supplies and toiletries out of sight and consider adding freestanding storage, vanity units and closed laundry baskets to hide away anything that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Doing so I found it creates the appearance of a spacious surrounding.


For a luxurious feel, its often suggested you try to incorporate gold accents throughout the bathroom, I decided to go for brass finishes as it complements the neutral tones of the bathroom and also gives it a interesting and contemporary look to a space. Furthermore, adding plants on shelves or hanging them from the ceiling like the Macramaté Woven Rope Hanging Planter also leaves the space feeling fresh and clean. There is also the option in adding a vase or two, if you’re not too keen on having plant pots.

I really hope this edit has inspired those who are looking to create a calming bathroom space, no matter the size you can definitely create you’re dream bathroom.

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