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Creating an art filled home by Jasmine Rosten-Edwards

Jasmine Rosten-Edwards (@oneoffto25) curates the online art gallery One Off to Twenty-Five. Her passion for art also inspires her eclectic approach to interior design.


When it comes to our homes we are making more nuanced decisions about creating a cocooning haven for us and our loved ones to retreat to but still be stimulated by. As an avid art lover, I’m passionate about helping people enrich their homes through the inclusion of art as it’s a brilliant way to express personality and invigorate living spaces. La Redoute have a beautiful selection of stylish products that makes it easy to create a look that will resonate on an emotional and aesthetic level.


Art taste is unique, innate and instinctive and understanding this is the perfect way to personalise our homes. Some of us will have distinct aesthetic preferences be they related to genre, medium, colour, provenance, or budget whilst for others it will be about immediate appeal. However whilst these preferences overlap, what is key is choosing and curating artwork that evoke positive emotions such as the Tanaisie print, Abstract artwork as well as distinctive pieces such as the Papyrus framed wall decoration from La Redoute’s vibrant art collection.


Think of your home and rooms in their entirety i.e. “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Choose artworks that work in cohesion with one another and accessories to compliment the overall effect. There is a symbiotic relationship between art and interiors and artistic aestheticism extends beyond wall art so include arty accessories such as the beautiful Antigone Sandstone vase and Kuro Ceramic & Rattan vase. They look great together particularly when displayed on the Magosia Solid Walnut Coffee Table with its stunning sculptural shape and its long tapered legs.


Be creative but go beyond matching accessories by incorporating texture and pattern to add interest and up the style stakes. One of the most effective ways to do this is to adorn seating with the Osia Fluffy Mongolian Wool Cushion and the Nadala Embroidered Cushion then embellish the look further by adding the Angusto Embroidered Throw or by styling it in the gorgeous shaped Jutlo Flex basket.


Bring rooms together with the right flooring underfoot by incorporating the versatile Loscan Rug which can also be used outdoors. Then complete the overall look with lighting such as the Jameson adjustable wall light to highlight your art and accessories to create the right mood and evoke a myriad of feel good emotions in a home that reflects you and your personal style.

Choose beautiful items for your home this season by including good value pieces that will enhance the ambience of your home and provide enjoyment for many years to come.

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