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Back to school essentials

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and autumn is just around the corner. As well as the changing of the season, September means new shoes, new shirts and new stationery… yep, it’s back to school time! 
Starting school can be an anxious time for young people – whether they’re going back into a higher year, moving on up to high school or experiencing a classroom setting for the very first time in reception, it can all seem very daunting. 
One thing that can help alleviate their worries, is sitting down together and thinking about their back to school essentials.  

And that doesn’t necessarily mean buying lots of new things – preparing to go back to school can cover everything from new shoes to eating a healthier breakfast. 

The last few weeks of the summer holidays are a great time to start gently reintroducing parts of your school routine – set the alarm clock a few days a week, write down some simple daily tasks, have a big sort out and break in those new shoes. It’s all part of the process!


Summer holidays, dune and dusted

As parents, we all know the summer holidays are a lawless time. Without the structure of school, routine goes out the window and things can become a little… chaotic! 
A break from the hustle and bustle of school is essential for children and parents alike, but after six whole weeks of it you might find it difficult to encourage your family to even THINK about uniform, healthy breakfasts and packing their PE kit. 
If you’ve spent a lot of time at home this summer, you might also find your house is in a state of disarray and disorganisation. All perfectly normal, but not the easiest environment for getting back on track. 
The back to school process isn’t just about buying new things – it’s about getting back into that structured mindset. A great way to get children thinking about school again is to involve them in sorting and tidying their spaces, including their homework area. 
With promises of rewards (anything from a sticker to a new book, depending on their age and level of involvement!), encourage kids to sort out their books and make a pile to donate to charity. 
They can do the same with their school uniform – what doesn’t fit? What needs replacing? And their equipment too – will last year’s pencil case do another year? A pretty new backpack – like this floral bag – is a good incentive. 


Getting back your routine

When it comes to school days, routine is really important for keeping the show on the road. Getting kids up and out of the door every morning is no mean feat, and add to that packed lunches, World Book Day costumes, reading records and PE kits – it can be a recipe for disaster!
The routine always slips during the summer holidays, but it’s easy to get back into the swing of things… especially if you start ahead of time. 

A week before they return to school, encourage your children to set their alarms and get up at a specific time. This super cute alarm clock might increase their enthusiasm! 
Once they’re used to waking up properly again, think about setting them small tasks through the day – walking the dog, unloading the dishwasher, reading a book. Nothing too tasking, but just so they get a feel for following instructions once more. 
A fun weekly planner is a good way to get them writing things down again too. After a week or so of loosely structured days, you can add in a few more tasks, slightly earlier starts and even practice walking to school – especially helpful if your children are starting somewhere new. 


Updating the uniform 

Children grow like weeds – it’s a fact. It doesn’t matter if you just bought a load of new polo shirts in July, they will need new ones come September. Sigh!
Before you buy new, check to see if your school has a second-hand uniform sale before they go back – this can be a great way to pick up lightly-used pieces like jumpers and cardigans.  
If it’s back to school clothing essentials they need, our crew neck cardigans and crisp cotton shirts fit the bill brilliantly. New shoes are a given, and we love these brogue-style beauties, while classic Nikes are perfect for PE. 

Nothing says back to school like a fresh new backpack – the Fjallraven Kanken is a real classic and perfect for teens who need to cart a laptop around. For younger children, this vintage-style satchel is adorable and very handy for stashing all those library books .  
And although we’re a way off proper winter, it’s never too early to get their coats sorted out – this cosy parka jacket will see them through the coldest months. 

boy-wearing-hooded -parka-jacket.jpg

Sorting the homework space 

For older children, a dedicated homework space is really important to ensure they can complete their studies without distractions. If possible, a spot away from screens and siblings is ideal, and anything you can add to make it feel personal to them is a real winner. 
Studies show that children who have a proper, private space – however small - to do their homework find it much easier to complete their work to a high standard, so it’s really worth prioritising if you can. 
Setting up a homework space and personalising it to meet their needs is a great way to encourage that back to school mindset. Try this metal stationery sorter to brighten up their bedroom desk space, and these handy metal storage boxes to keep files and folders together and out of sight. 

Hopefully our tips will help your back to school planning and ease your family into that routine once again. And if you’re already pining for days without drop offs and pick-ups, here are our top family friendly autumn breaks – half term will come around quickly! 
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