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9 colourful outfits to influence your mood

What colour should you wear today? Did you know that there’s a science behind your choices? 
It’s a well-known concept that interior designers often use colour palettes to influence different moods in different rooms; to energize, to calm, to inspire, to relax. So why shouldn’t we apply the same concept to our wardrobes?
‘Dopamine dressing’ is the latest buzzword. Based on the idea that wearing different colours can affect your mood in a positive way, it suggests that choosing the right hue can make you feel relaxed, confident, creative, powerful or serene.
We all have a favourite outfit that gives us confidence. Perhaps it’s a shape that makes us feel attractive, or a flattering fit that we feel has us looking our best - but have we ever stopped to consider that a colourful outfit might be playing the biggest part?
Can the colour you choose for your clothes influence how you feel? And how can you use that to your advantage? Read on for our fashion colour swatch key and discover feel good clothing options. 

1. Romantic Red

Woman wearing a red ruffle mini skirt with sunrise t-shirt

Unsurprisingly, if you want to get someone’s attention, red is the colour to wear. This bright hue is of-ten associated with romance and passion, plus red is said to empower the wearer so it’s a perfect choice for a date night. 
If you’re not feeling bold enough to go big, accent a black or white outfit with red elements for a colour pop. Add an elegant red suede stiletto and pair with a leather clutch for a subtle approach to sophistication that will boost your confidence. 
A golden rule is that your outfit is only accentuated with a matching lip, so pucker up and wear it with pride.

2. Own it with Orange

Woman wearing orange tailored shirt with cream shorts.jpg

Orange can be a tricky colour to wear and for some skin tones, it just won’t work. Thankfully, there are many different kinds of orange, from a bright neon to a soft coral.
Orange is associated with success, so if you’re heading to an interview or meeting, be sure to wear a stimulating tailored shirt and make a lasting impression. 
If you feel comfortable in this bold hue then, like red, orange draws attention and energy towards you making you the perfect candidate for conversation. Wearing orange can help to put you in a positive, energetic mood, making these coral trousers the positive pants you need to seize the day.

3. Optimistic Yellow

Woman showing the back of her polka dot wrapover midi dress.jpg

From sunny primrose to bold mustard, there are many different yellow hues to choose from. Reflect quiet joy with a light lemon cardigan, or make a statement with a rich, darker hue with a contrasting polka dot wrap over dress
Wearing yellow can help you feel more cheerful, so if you’re a bit blue, it’s an excellent colour to choose. It’s also said that yellow can reflect intelligence and inspiration, so it’s the perfect colour choice for an important day at work. 
Implement optimism into your outfit colour palette by ornamenting a white dress with a casual gingham tote bag and a flat ballet pump. 

4. Gleeful Green

Woman wearing green shirt dress and trainers

Green is not the easiest colour to pull off; but the right shade can help you feel calm and relaxed. Associated with nature and the outdoors, green is always a popular shade for spring, but darker tones in autumn months lend sophistication to any outfit.
As dopamine clothing is flexible, the midaxi shirt dress can bring a sense of empowerment to your colourful outfit when paired with the mock croc heels in the same shade. Or, for a more casual look, pair with these New Balance trainers – a combo that will make you feel equally as good.
As a hue, green is said to ease stress in those who look at it, so choose this colour to lend you calm when you need it most. 
Dressing with a contrasting colour palette in mind will compliment your outfit further. Green and white is a go to pairing as white delivers tranquil messages, similarly to greens environmental tone. 

5. Soulful Blue

Close up of woman wearing blue linen suit with sandals

The colour blue has several different emotions associated with it. Like green, blue can help you feel more relaxed if you’re stressed, so a light blue outfit for a big event or meeting might work wonders. 
Don’t be shy when it comes to styling a suit. A plain white shirt is a must, but be brave and pick some blue heels to match.    
Blue is also associated with creativity, so if you’re stuck for inspiration, throwing on your favourite blue jeans might help. However, blue can also subconsciously make you feel more depressed, so if you’re already feeling ‘blue’ it might be a time to reach for a sunnier hue. 

6. Picture Perfect Purple

Close up of woman wearing purple v-neck dress with black heels and handbag

Purple is a colour often associated with luxury, thanks to its history as a colour traditionally worn by royals. Like its sister colours red and pink, purple is known for its stimulating qualities, making it a great hue to choose when you need a confidence or energy boost.
One wonder of this shade is that it can give any outfit decorum. Take this simplistic shift dress from bar to bourgeoisie in the colour purple, coupled with sharp stilettos in black. 
Purple is also linked to spirituality and intuition - so if you have a big decision to make, opt for purple clothes that make you feel as good as the choices you’ve made that day.

7. Pretty in Pink

Woman wearing pink suit with brown heels

OK, so pink gets a bad rep sometimes, as it’s traditionally linked to the ‘feminine’ side of fashion, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Forget feeling ditsy in this shade and push the boundaries of stereo-types with a blush pink blazer and matching trousers.   
Typically often associated with romance and happiness, pink is a solid colour choice for a date. It’s also nearly impossible to feel depressed when you’re wearing pink (unless, of course, you hate pink). So it’s a great hue to choose for positive dopamine dressing.

8. Dramatic Black

Woman wearing black midaxi skirt with pink jumper

Black is the ultimate power trip. Representing authority, responsibility and power, this is the hue to wear for a job interview or if you’re angling for a promotion as its dominance can be achieved in a single garment such as a long black tailored coat
It’s also great for making you feel like a badass, so if you have a difficult challenge ahead, don this bold colour and meet it head on.
When it comes to black, the beauty of this hue is that it has no limitations. Though unambiguous, clothing in this colour does know how to take a back seat and let other colours do the talking. A loud fuchsia jumper can speak volumes when paired with this midaxi skirt, black heels and a handbag. 

9. Angelic White 

Woman wearing embroidered cotton smock dress.jpg

Clean, crisp and bright; white is always a good choice, whatever the weather. Cold or hot, white pieces act as a foil to brighter colours, so it’s a great colour to choose when you want to show off a statement colour piece. 
White is also often associated with innocence, simplicity, cleanliness and peace, so if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, a white look can help you re-centre. 
A simplistic cotton smock dress is a remarkable asset to dopamine clothing as white trainers make up the ultimate outfit for a day date. Swap for chunky croc sandals and you’re all ready for day drinks!   
Ditch the search party for a decent frock and invest in a handful of throw on dresses. They are not only a staple for a summer capsule wardrobe, but they make getting ready tonnes quicker and can be embellished with either a “going-out shoe” or trainers, every time. 
But, being experimental with the colour palette of your outfit doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. Check out our ultimate guide to prepping like it’s a bank holiday and be inspired for every occasion!
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