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5 small space living ideas with Hannah Bullivant | La Redoute

More and more of us are seeking solutions for small space living. As we work and socialise at home, it’s important to make the most of our space, and here, we learn from Hannah Bullivant about how to make small spaces work perfectly.

We recently completed the renovation of a dilapidated £150 static caravan. Our family of 4 moved from a large 3 bed semi into a much smaller space, so I have become somewhat of an expert on luxurious small space living. We didn’t want to compromise on style or comfort so instead have come up with some clever solutions that mean the space is functional AND beautiful. Here are 5 tips I’ve picked up during this journey. 

1) Storage

You need good storage! Make use of every available inch; utilise underneath sofas and beds, the sides of wardrobes and cupboards, make use of the full height of your cupboards and wardrobes- add extra shelves if needs be and fill them with boxes and baskets which pull out like drawers.

blue-metal-trunks-la-redoute .png

2) Light

Maximise light. Don’t let window dressings get in the way. Lighting should be layered using good ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Lamps create a lovely mood in a space, and are also decorative objects themselves so it pays to invest in beautiful lighting in a small space. 


3) Mirrors

Use both large and smaller mirrors to bounce light around the room and create the illusion of more space. 


4) Use rugs

Choose practical hardwearing rugs. This one is actually made from recycled plastic bottles, and is designed to be used outside so it’s really practical and hardwearing. It feels counterintuitive but you actually need a larger rug than you think. Make sure your rug disappears underneath the furniture. This helps to zone and ground the space. If your rug is too small it acts like an island floating in the middle of the space, draws your eye to the floor space around the rug and consequently makes the whole space feel much smaller.


5) Everyday on Display

In a small space go for beautiful versions of the items you use everyday- like this glass carafe and glasses set and tray. It’s beautiful enough to be on display, but also serves a purpose too.

Nikara Recycled Glass Carafe and Glasses Set  grey-green-la-redoute.png
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