Black faux fur coat

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Is the item you're looking for a black faux fur coat?

A lined parka to face the winter cold is a must-have for your wardrobe. Bundled up and protected from winter breezes, you're ready to go out unconditionally. Dressed in this overcoat, you can wear any light outfit you like.

Schott' and 'La redoute collections' enjoy distinct values, not to mention the 'Superdry' store. So find out more about our brands to make your purchase. 135 ratings have been received for the coat category. By giving La Redoute a rating and saying, "This coat has a nice cut, it's nice and warm, it's very well thought out with removable furs, a hood, lots of pockets, two of which are fleece-lined to keep your hands warm," "Jenleg14" proves that our consumers are satisfied with their purchases. If you're sensitive to the feel of your coat, a fur coat will meet your expectations and those of your family.

Put on a piece with a strong character. Vintage spirit, snow-dweller or streetwear... Find the cut and style to suit your needs. Whichever you choose, your outfit will be nothing short of sublime, wherever you go.

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