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The La Redoute Rug Edit by Dee Campling

Dee Campling is an inspirational interior stylist, design consultant and influencer who styles for an eclectic range of clients. Here, she focuses her attention on rugs and what they can do to change the look of any space. Rugs, in my humble opinion, are the most useful and versatile interior design accessory. They are not just about covering up a bare floor - they are easily moveable and changeable and can do almost everything for a room. In addition to adding various textures, patterns and shapes they can pull together any colour palette. They are also useful for zoning the different spaces of an open plan area and defining an interior style. It is easy to change the scale of a room with different style rugs or even pull together motifs in the home.


The list is endless and each worthy of a standalone blog post. However, for this blog post I’ve picked out my top ten rugs from La Redoute. La Redoute has become my go-to place for rugs and it has been very difficult to whittle my choice down to ten, but here goes.

BERBER STYLE / The beloved Berber style

La Redoute stock a design to suit every taste and every room and all at good prices. The Afaw style rug has become iconic and the rug collection has gone from strength to strength since it’s runaway success.


This black and cream spotty Berber style rug will work in any design scheme. The dots give a subtle pattern and the deep, soft pile adds underfoot luxe and comfort. Especially useful in a bedroom.

NATURAL JUTE / J’adore the natural Jute

I love a jute rug! They’re so practical and work in almost any design scheme by adding scale and texture. I love this new version which includes a coloured contrast border. Match the border to your existing colour scheme or use it to add a pop of subtle colour to a neutral scheme.

The Justy Jute is a new twist on the Moroccan criss cross pattern rug. Instead of the pattern being part of the Berber wool, it’s on jute instead. A perfect combination of practical, hard wearing jute with the strong line of the well-known Moroccan pattern.

Justy Jute is a new twist on the Moroccan criss cross pattern rug. Instead of the pattern being part of the Berber wool, it’s on jute instead. A perfect combination of practical, hard wearing jute with the strong line of the well-known Moroccan pattern.

TEXTURAL RUGS / A touch of texture

I love a chunky knit throw for adding large scale texture to a scheme and this Diano knitted effect rug does the same job but on the floor. Brilliant for adding texture to a neutrally designed room or for picking up an existing chunky knit motif you might already have in your cushions and throws.

MODERN RUG STYLE / Modern & Monochrome

I love the bold black graphics on this Triba rug. They will really ground a design scheme and go particularly well with the emphasis on form and shape that is going on in interiors at the moment. It also works well in a Scandinavian Monochrome design scheme. Go large for a real statement that will define the whole room.

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I always like to add a touch of something black and white stripe to my room designs - to me they give it a cosmopolitan feel. This abstract rug included that black and white touch and also beautiful tonal colours and strong shapes. I would use this rug to pull together this colour palette in a room and let the shapes give the room lovely modern form. The tassels stop the rug from looking too formal.

I am loving the current trend for chequerboard patterned rugs and this Madotto indoor/outdoor rug picks up on that beautifully. The terracotta colour is a strong neutral -think of it as an earth colour - that would work in any bohemian, vintage or plant filled home. Even better, it is designed to be used inside and outside so take it outdoors and turn your patio space into an outdoor room in the summer or autumn.

This Kieran rug reminds me of mixed media art! It’s a perfect blend of colour, shape and pattern. I can really see this working well in a modern property with no focal points eg, fireplaces. This art like quality of this rug could be the focal point, as well as pulling together the colour palette and picking up on similar shapes that could be introduced into the room via accessories such as vases. The splash of black and white stripe gives it that stylish twist I’m always looking for.

This vintage looking jute and cotton mixed rug makes my heart sing. It’s subtle colour and pattern would work well in a bohemian design scheme, and it’s worn and faded look also gives a vintage vibe. Vintage Persian rugs have been my go-to design of rug forever and this one gives you all that look for fraction of the price.


VINTAGE RUG STYLE / The vintage vibe

I can’t get enough of a faded Persian rugs and the Athena rug is a modern version of the vintage ones that are so hard to get hold of. They add timeless class to any space. This one is thicker and more luxurious than the Navaja so would be great in a bedroom or living room especially. So much more affordable than original Persian rugs but with all the style.

We hope you have been inspired by Dee’s fabulous rug edit. See more on our Influencer hub, head over there now to see how Michaela from Mishkashoe revamped her bedroom with a mini refresh.

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