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Go Beyond the Basics: 8 Bedroom Rug Ideas

When it comes to making your house a home, there’s nothing better than creating a cosy, welcoming bedroom space. And whatever your personal style, one key element to any sleep space makeover is the perfect bedroom rug. 

Whether your bedroom is large or small, minimal or luxe, a well-placed rug will add texture and detail to create that cosy vibe. So if you’re looking for bedroom rug ideas that go beyond the basics, you’re in the right place - keep reading for our expert tips on finding the perfect rug for your bedroom. From shapes and sizes to colours, textures and patterns, here you’ll find all the info you need to incorporate a rug into your bedroom design. 

1. Embrace Odd Shapes

It’s official - odd shaped rugs are all the rage right now. Forget symmetry - if you’re looking for bedroom rug ideas that add interest, it’s time to go odd!

Odd shaped rugs are particularly good for smaller spaces, as they stop a room from looking boxy by breaking up all those rectangular furniture lines. We love this fluid flower rug to draw the eye and create a focus. 

Because a-symmetrical rugs grab your attention, you can use them to highlight specific areas of your bedroom - this cute cloud rug would be perfect in a cosy reading nook to encourage daydreaming. 

2. Create Colour Scheme Harmony

Your bedroom should be a calm, peaceful space that’s perfect for rest and relaxation. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through colour coordination, and ensuring your soft furnishings complement your colour palette is key to creating that tonal look. 

A bedroom rug that works with other colours in the space will look purposeful, allowing your eye to move freely across the room. And it doesn’t have to match exactly - plain rugs in contrasting colours that complement the overall vibe of your bedroom are a great way to add interest. This round-tufted cotton rug is available in a wide range of shades to mix things up. 

Use a mood board to experiment with different tones and textures until you find a rug that works for your space. Colourful rugs can be as bright and bold or soft and subtle as you like… or maybe even a mix of the two? This graphic rug has pops of colour against a neutral background - a great way to add boldness to your bedroom without being overwhelming. 

3. Soft and Cosy Wins 

None of us like getting out of bed in the morning… that moment your cosy toes touch the cold floor, no thank you! We can’t give you an extra lie-in but we can make those early mornings a bit more bearable with a fluffy rug for your bedroom. 

An extra soft, deep pile rug by your bed adds a layer of warmth and cosiness to your bedroom space. Sheepskin rugs are perfect for this - that soft, furry finish will have you jumping out of bed in no time. 

A soft and cosy rug works well as part of a rustic interior theme, warming up exposed brick and stripped wood. This shaggy rug is just the ticket for creating that warm, welcoming space.  

4. Go Oversized

If there’s one thing we’d recommend to give your bedroom that super stylish interior design look, it’s an extra large rug. Extra large rugs are particularly useful if you have dodgy carpeting or a cold wooden floor, but they also look really chic and help anchor the furniture in a space. 

When choosing a large rug for the bedroom, think about the proportions of your space and what will work best. Tucking a bigger rug under your furniture will give the illusion of space in a small room, while an extra large rug centred in a room will break up an expanse of floor, adding texture and detail. 

Monochrome styles work really well on a larger scale - this fringed Berber rug has enough detail to be interesting but doesn’t feel too OTT when super-sized.  

5. Bring in Pattern

If block colours aren’t really your thing, why not take a look at patterned rugs instead? A patterned rug is a great way to add texture and detail to your bedroom space, and means you can pick out multiple colours from your palette in one piece. Top of our wishlist right now is this vintage-style patterned rug in muted pink shades - perfect for a feminine bedroom space. 

A patterned bedroom rug makes a great statement piece, but there’s no need to stop there. Why not incorporate patterned details throughout your bedroom - look for a patterned wallpaper in complementary colours, then mix with a patterned duvet and pillows. Sticking to tonal shades will ensure all your patterns flow together nicely. 

6. Combine Carpet and Rug

We do love a natural wooden floor but for some rooms, carpet is king. And we’d argue the bedroom is a perfect example of this! Creating that warm and cosy bedroom space is much easier with a carpeted floor - no cold toes on a morning, no middle-of-the-night draughts through the floorboards… carpet adds a level of comfort to your sleep space. And combining carpet with a bedroom rug just takes comfort to the next level!

There are lots of rug styles that work well over carpet, but there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing one for your space. Firstly, think about the colour of your carpet and which shades will complement it. You don’t need to match it perfectly - a contrasting colour will work to add interest and create a cohesive feel across the room. 

Try to pick out the colour of your carpet in the rug you choose - this bright rainbow rug has a neutral background which would sit well over a cream or beige carpet, allowing the colours to pop out. 

You should also consider the texture of your carpet - is it smooth and flat or does it have a deeper pile? Stick to similar textures to avoid things looking mismatched.

7. Playful and Fun for the Little Ones

For a colourful, playful children’s bedroom, a bright and bold rug is a great way to add those pops of colour. Rugs for children’s bedrooms can also be handy for protecting carpets and creating a durable play area within the bedroom space. 

Look out for rugs with contrasting colours - bold block colours are engaging for young children and will encourage their imagination. We love this multicoloured circle rug, and because it’s made of jute it’s hardwearing, too. Or how about a rug that doubles up as a toy? This classic road map rug will provide hours of fun while also creating a fun statement in a transport-themed room.  

We hope you’ve got tons of inspiration and bedroom rug ideas from this article, whatever style you’re looking for. Explore our collection of rugs here, and don’t forget to check out La Redoute’s rug-buying guide for even more tips.


Got a specific question about rugs for the bedroom? Take a look at our FAQs to find your answer…

What kind of rugs are best for bedrooms?

Bedrooms should be warm, cosy and inviting - with that in mind, a softer rug is perfect for this space. Natural fibres like wool and cotton are gentle underfoot, and deep pile styles will give that luxurious feeling. To keep things super cosy, avoid materials like jute and hemp as they can be hard on bare feet.

What size rug should I get for a bedroom? 

Start by measuring your bedroom space to see what you’re working with. Rugs can be tucked under beds or wardrobes to create the illusion of more floor space, but you don’t want your rug to completely dominate! Measure with your furniture in place so you know how much rug will be on show, and use this to filter for the right size. 

How should a rug be placed in a bedroom?

The most common spot for a rug in the bedroom is alongside the bed, so you step onto it when getting up in the morning. If you have nightstands on either side of your bed, why not try a rug that stretches from one side of the bed to the other, that can tuck slightly under each piece of furniture for a balanced look? 

Should you put a rug in a bedroom with carpet?

There are no real rules when it comes to combining rugs and carpet in a bedroom - a double layer just adds to the cosiness! Think about colour and texture of each and ensure they complement one another, and use a rug to add pattern and detail to your space. More durable rugs can also be used to protect carpets from wear and tear in high-traffic areas like alongside the bed. 

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