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You've finished the decorating, bought the furniture, discovered those charming little accent pieces that add the finishing touches... but something is still missing from your room.

Ever thought about choosing a rug?

Rugs are a great way to add warmth and character to your home - and for giving tired spaces a new lease of life. Whether you want something traditional or modern, plush or practical, natural or synthetic; a rug can add a cosy finishing touch to a décor scheme.

Perfect for adding an accent to either hard or carpeted floors, a home just isn't a home without the touch of softness a rug adds. From bedrooms to hallways, living rooms to terraces; indoors or outdoors we've got you covered with our extensive collection of rugs.

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Which kind of rug?

First thing's first: where are you planning to put your rug? Different weaves or materials work better in different settings.

Here are some examples of the different types of rug you'll find on our website:

Traditional Rugs

Traditional Rugs

Often crafted using artisanal techniques from around the world, these rugs are the kind most people think of for an accent floor covering. Often handmade, with intricate, colourful patterns, these rugs create an elegant focal point for living or dining rooms.

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Perfect for small spaces such as corridors, or along the side of a bed or sofa, these rugs add a splash of colour and texture.

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Keep muddy wet paw and shoe prints at bay with our range of indoor and outdoor doormats.

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Bring a little 'hygge' to your home with a gloriously cosy sheepskin rug. Perfect for bedrooms or living rooms to add warmth, softness and a touch of luxury.

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Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs

Who says it's just the inside of your home that deserves a little sprucing up? Jazz up your terrace or patio with one of our sturdy, longwearing outdoor rugs.

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Berber Rugs

Berber Rugs

Durable and stain-resistant, Berber rugs are ideal for most areas in the home, and their stylish patterns are available in a range of different colours and styles to suit everyone.

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Kids Rugs

Kids Rugs

Bolder, brighter and more colourful, our selection of children's rugs is bound to have something to please your little ones.

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Rug Composition



You'll love the plushness and softness of a natural rug. Designed to bring warmth and cosiness to your home, our natural rugs give you a little something special. Although durable, they can be trickier to clean so it's best to avoid them in potentially messy or damp areas of your home.
Materials you might see in our natural rugs are cotton, wool, jute and sisal. These can sometimes be combined with polyester for a more durable finish.


Ideally suited for high traffic areas of your home, synthetic rugs are an obvious choice for hallways, busy living rooms or outdoors. However, they're also great in kids' playrooms or dining rooms, as they often have shorter pile lengths and are therefore easier to clean.
The shorter pile length and man-made fibres mean synthetic rugs are often more suitable than natural rugs for those who suffer with allergies.
Materials you might see in synthetic rugs are polyester, acrylic, nylon and polypropylene. These may sound very unnatural but rest assured, all of our synthetic rugs are crafted to be healthy and safe for your family - and almost as soft underfoot as natural rugs.


Rug Size Guide

Our rugs fall into six size categories:

Rug sizes


W80 x L200cm / W80 x L250cm

Extra Small

up to L70cm


up to L110cm


up to L170cm


up to L240cm

Extra Large

up to L380cm

How to measure up for a rug

All you need is a tape measure and masking tape. Mark out the dimensions of the space and search our rug collections for one the right size! Or already found the rug you like? Tape it out to see where it will fit best.

Which size rug for your room?

If you have a large room with a central seating area, why not choose a supersized rug which is large enough for all your furniture to sit on comfortably?

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For a smaller room where furniture is against one or more walls, choose a slightly smaller rug which sits just in from the edges of your chairs.

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If all you want is an accent piece to add a splash of colour or softness underfoot, choose a small rug that's only a little bigger than your coffee table.

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For a large room, make your dining table a focal point by using a large rug, much bigger than the table and chairs to create a 'room within a room' effect.

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If you want to add an accent but still show off a contrast border of your original flooring, choose a rug that lies just a little beyond the backs of your dining chairs.

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For smaller rooms, a large rug can overwhelm. Instead, why not choose one that's only a little bigger than your dining table?

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Large bedrooms can benefit from a division of space. A large or extra-large rug which goes under your bed and bedside tables can help divide a large room into 'sleeping' and 'dressing' areas.

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Runner or sheepskin rugs can be a great option for a bedroom when placed down each side of the bed. Perfect for warming your toes first thing in the morning!

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If you have space at the end of your bed, this can be a great place for a rug, particularly one with striking colours or textures to add a focal point to your interior design scheme.

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Key Words When buying a Rug

Did you know?

There are a few keywords and phrases you'll need to know when browsing for rugs:


Hand-tufted is a method of weaving where yarn is stitched onto a backing and fixed in place by a layer of durable material. Hand-tufted means this process is done wholly, or in part, by hand.


Hand-woven is where part or all of the rug is woven by hand rather than using machinery.


Pile is how thick your rug is. The taller the pile, the plusher the rug.

Heat set

Heat-Set is when polypropylene rugs are heated, they take on the look and feel of wool.

Care & Maintenance

Worried that your new rug seems to be shedding? This is completely normal in the first few weeks. It's a perfectly natural side effect of the manufacturing process - extra threads attach themselves to the rug and fall out over time. It won't affect the colour or texture of your rug in the long term; your best option is to simply hoover them up.
It's important to vacuum your rug regularly to keep it looking in tip top condition. Regular hoovering not only prevents dirt build-up in the rug fibres, helping to keep your home clean and sweet-smelling; but also helps to plump up fibres flattened by footfall.

If your rug is placed in either a high-traffic area of your home, or on that's exposed to sunlight, it's important to remember to turn your rug regularly so you don't end up with uneven wear and fading.

Stains & Cleaning
To avoid permanent damage, any spills must be dealt with as soon as possible:

1. Gently blot as much of the spill as you can with a dry cloth or paper towel. NEVER rub as you will spread the stain deeper into the rug fibres.

2. Apply carpet cleaner to the stain with a cloth or applicator, working from the edge inwards.

3. Remove any excess cleaning product and leave to dry.

4. Hoover. (You might need to do this a few times!)

5. If after a few attempts using this process the stain is still visible, contact a professional carpet cleaner.

If you're placing a rug on a hard surface, such as tiles or wooden floorboards, your rug or door-mat can slip underfoot and cause injury. To prevent this, we recommend rug grips which keep your rug fixed in place safely, without damaging your floor.

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