Baby Boys' Clothing, Shoes & Accessories PETIT BATEAU

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Comfort and Style for Little Moussaillons

Are you looking for clothes that combine comfort and style for your little boy? It's perfect timing, because in La Redoute's 'Vêtement Bébé Garçon Petit Bateau' universe, there's plenty to marvel at! You know how essential it is for baby clothes to be soft and pleasant to the touch, especially for toddlers discovering the world. And what better way to wrap your child's delicate skin than in cotton? Browse our selection of bodysuits, overalls and pants in this fabric renowned for its softness and ease of care.

A palette of colors and prints

You want baby to be as adorable as possible, don't you? With Petit Bateau's playful prints and bright or pastel colors, every outfit tells a story. Imagine your little one in a striped sweatshirt or an animated jumpsuit. Whether boy or girl, the variety of garments available will brighten up your baby's wardrobe and bring a touch of whimsy to everyday life. And for chilly days, why not choose a fleece sweatshirt to keep your child warm?

Functional Clothing for Active Babies

Have you ever thought about the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics for your little explorer's clothes? With Petit Bateau's options, you're sure to find pieces designed to make everyday life easier. Jersey, for example, offers ideal stretch to allow your baby to move freely in his pants or overalls. As for long- or short-sleeved T-shirts, they're both easy to put on and resistant to the most energetic play. You'll also find sets for a smart, economical choice, because we know that these charming little creatures grow at the speed of light!
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