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What you need to know before investing in Birkenstock sandals

Birks are back! Whether you think you love them or hate them, Birkenstock sandals have become one of the most popular footwear choices both inside the house and out. Being thrust into the spotlight by being worn by celebrities such as Reece Witherspoon & Kayne West, these sandals are said to be the epitome of comfort. But how true is this? And how to wear them?

We’ve got the low down on everything you need to know before investing in a pair of Birks.

Are Birkenstock sandals comfortable?


Let’s start with the priorities, I think that we can all agree that Birkenstocks look comfortable, but it is usually the prettiest of sandals that could make us feel like having a piece of cardboard strapped to your foot, with no give or shape. Birkenstocks are the opposite, they are designed to provide support to each area of your foot for even weight distribution. The footbeds on the majority of Birkenstock styles are made from suede, jute and cork for natural breathability and moisture control. The classic Madrid mule is a perfect example.
But how should Birkenstock sandals fit? Over time, the footbed will soften to match the unique shape of your foot and feel extremely comfortable and secure and not so much “on” your feet, but rather a part of them. Oh, and they can come in either regular or wide fit so you don’t need to worry about that painful pinch on the side of your feet!

How to style Birkenstock sandals?


With their unique shape and style, you may be wondering what the best way is to style them, but the beauty of the Birkenstock is that they are extremely versatile. 

The fantastic news is that the iconic footwear options are available for all of the family - featuring a ladies, men's and kids range. In fact, some of the classic Birkenstock styles are even unisex, for example, Arizona mules.
But back to sharing the styles, let’s begin with the ladies….
The best thing about Birkenstock’s is that they literally go with anything, though the majority of styles are open toe, so you may wish to keep them in your Spring/Summer wardrobe. That’s not necessarily the done thing as Birks can always double up as slippers around the house, so raving fans will wear them all year round.
A favourite combination of ours is the classic sandal and floral dress duo, but they look equally great worn with a casual jeans & t-shirt combo.

Some of the super varied ranges of Birkenstocks also look absolutely stunning with beachwear, like the white patent Arizona! We all need something we can just throw on on the way out of the house - this is your perfect solution.

For a more masculine look, Birkenstock sandals look great with turned up jeans and a casual shirt for a laid back weekend feel.  For a more formal event, such as an outdoor wedding, then taupe suede Birks work well with a linen suit or teamed with tailored shorts.
And of course, not forgetting the little ones! With growing feet, it’s even more important to ensure you are offering your high quality, well-fitted shoe. The innovation behind Birkenstock’s footbed was based on the cast of a healthy foot in the sand, to ensure ultimate comfort.

As well as knowing your kids’ feet are well taken care of, Birkenstock has the cutest range of kids' sandals, we love the Rio, Milano and of course the New York. Because they are so hard wearing, the kids can pretty much live in them over summer.

How can I maintain my Birkenstocks?


The use of hard-wearing materials such as suede and worn all summer when it’s particularly hot could leave you wondering how to stop Birkenstock sandals from smelling.
As with any high-quality footwear, protecting your sandals before they get too worn is the best way to go. And as some Birkenstock sandals are leather, some of the straps and uppers may need different care needs. Birkenstock recommends using a waterproofing spray on your suede variety and applying leather grease/polish to the straps on leather options.
In terms of cleaning to keep them fresh, this is actually pleasantly simple as well.

Birkenstock recommends a simple 5 step process to take your dusty, worn sandals to fresh and clean. The key element within this process is massaging the footbed with leather shampoo, mixed with some water using a toothbrush, before washing off with a wet cloth.

Top tip: Ensure you let your sandals dry at room temperature, wait 24 hours and voila!

Can Birkenstock sandals be repaired?


The rate of wear and tear varies depending on the rate and style of usage, but another perk of the beautiful Birkenstock is that the brand offers sole, heel and toe tab replacements. Though unlikely, these are the areas that wear firsts so Birkenstock is willing to provide you with a full service should you need it.

Check out the Birkenstock site to locate your closest drop off point for repair.
Birkenstock sandals are a staple, and you’ve probably worked out by now that they aren’t “fast fashion”, they're built to last and with investment, it’s common to want to know how long they will last you.

It has been known for people to own a pair of trusty Birks for over a decade. 

So what’s the verdict?
They are approved by celebs, families and specialists alike since circa 1774 for their ultimate comfort, style and shelf-life.
We could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Birkenstock sandals are a classic, sustainable staple for your wardrobe that will last and last. People with all different sorts of lifestyles are being converted from thinking Birkenstocks were only suitable for their elderly parents (a-hem) to joining celebs and influencers alike!
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