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How to stay cool in bed with these low tog summer duvets

Ah, summer. We dream of those warm days spent outdoors, entertaining in the garden, perhaps enjoying a cold beverage and a BBQ. Nothing beats that carefree, relaxed feeling.
Fast forward a few hours and our evenings are met with the exact opposite - unpleasant stickiness, constant sighing and overall frustration at the fact that you just cannot get to sleep in your (uncharacteristically) hot bedroom.

How to stay cool in bed in hot weather?

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During summer nights, I’d try just about anything to get a bit more shut eye. In order to get ahead of the lack of sleep and be able to peacefully nod off, there are some valuable tweaks you can make to your sleeping zone.
For the best way to stay cool in bed, the most essential place to start is with your duvet!

What tog is a summer duvet?

As a guide, we’d recommend considering a tog rating of 4.5 (or less) for your summer duvet. Top tip - you might want to consider checking the tog on the duvet you have on your bed now (this can usually be found on the label).
However, not all duvets have a tog rating and so looking at the materials, fillings and features will help you locate the perfect one for you.
We love this natural eco-friendly summer duvet. The linen filling can absorb up to 35% humidity and ensure a balanced temperature under the duvet, by getting rid of any humidity or excess heat accumulated during the night, for even more restful sleep. The casing is pure cotton in a natural colour, perfect for adding your favourite bedding.


What should I look for in a summer duvet?

Yes, it is very common to have different duvets to choose from throughout the year. Well, you wouldn’t wear your duffle coat in July now, would you?
Let’s look at what you need to know. You’ll often see duvets categorised by what “tog” they are - what does tog mean? This is simply a way to measure the amount of warmth they provide you. The lower the tog, the coolest options the duvet as the materials used will encourage more airflow.
As well as using the tog as an indicator, we try to make things as simple as possible by providing a warmth gauge for our items within the imagery.

Does it matter what fillings the duvet has?

Yes. You see, you’ll often find duvet materials listed as either “natural” or “synthetic”. Budget wise, synthetic fillings can often work out more favourable, whereas natural fillings such as down and goose feather are typically a bigger investment
Many people who suffer from allergies prefer a synthetic filling as these usually undergo testing to ensure they won’t cause any reactions (often termed “hypoallergenic”). That’s the last thing you need to worry about on a hot night!
When it comes to keeping cool, we suggest looking out for a cotton based cover if you can, such as this silk and cotton duvet. This super lightweight, the breathable duvet has a 100% cotton cover which is the perfect combination of silky & cooling.


Plus, it naturally regulates temperature so you’re much less likely to wake up feeling too warm throughout the night! 
On a budget? We’ve got you covered. This 4 tog, light touch Catherine lansfield hollowfibre duvet is warm yet breathable and absolutely ideal for those summer months. It’s the perfect blend of quality and affordability and is machine washable and super easy to dry.

Ok, I’ve got my duvet sorted. What else can I do to keep myself cool?

I mentioned I’d try just about anything to get more sleep in summer. Sometimes, the worry of not being able to sleep is what keeps me awake! Can you relate?! So, where possible what helps me is knowing I’ve given myself the best chance and my sleep destiny is in my hands. There are plenty of other handy ways to keep your room cool that you may not have even considered!

Will a certain type of bedding keep me cool?

So far we’ve mentioned cotton providing a super cool material to snuggle up to, and it’s a personal favourite of many. But as far as getting a great night’s sleep in the summer goes, there is truly only one winner; linen bedding.
Linot plain 100% washed linen duvet
Choosing 100% linen sheets (apart from being very on trend right now), has a never-ending list of benefits. Linen is high quality, and perfect for warmer months due to the breathability of the fibres. The last thing we want during a summer’s night is to wake up feeling hot and sticky, right?

Well, you’re in luck. As a material, linen’s hollow fibres can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water, so your bedding will continue to feel dry even if one experiences a bout of perspiration.
This plain 100% linen duvet cover is available in over 20 colours and pairs beautifully with matching pillowcases and sheets. Keep them stylishly crinkled or iron flat depending on the style of your room, but feel sure that when you climb into bed you’ll be grateful for their soft, luxurious feel.


Can I prevent my bedroom from getting hot during the day?

Of course, they say prevention is better than a cure… Have you ever noticed the shutters on buildings in hotter countries? Well, this method is more commonly replicated by using blackout curtains or blackout blinds.

These Twilight thermal roller blinds are our top pick, offered in 5 colours they are fantastically energy efficient - keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter.
In summer, they block the sunlight during the day, and the more sun they block, the cooler your room will stay ready for bedtime. Sounds simple, right? All the best things are. Just remember to keep them closed all day, where possible.

But what about the little ones?!

The only thing worse than tossing and turning because you’re too hot to sleep is being interrupted by your little ones because they are in the same boat (albeit a slightly more frustrated, less reasonable boat..!)
Don’t worry. Our Kid’s bedding range has a variety of colours and patterns -  so there’s something for everyone. Or why not match with your own bedding, and let them choose their own linen bedding.

Make sure to get ahead of the hot weather this summer and guarantee that blissful night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

As an indicator, we try to make things as simple as possible by providing a warmth gauge for our items within the imagery.

Make sure to get ahead of the hot weather this summer and guarantee that blissful night’s sleep, whatever the weather.
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