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Les Ingenieux - Beautiful & Cleverly Crafted Pieces

To really feel at home, it's important to be surrounded by things you love. Friends, family & pets, but also stylish & adaptable furniture that makes your house a home. Beautiful & cleverly crafted, by our designers in France and exclusive to La Redoute. Our Les Ingenieux collection has been created to adapt to your life, from the first coffee to the last Good Night.

Les Ingenieux provides high-quality pieces that maximize space while adding elegance to your life. Imagine storage under your dining table, or a desk that disguises itself as a cabinet. These pieces are truly unique and you *cannot* get them anywhere else! The collection adapts to everything you need to do and helps you keep your place tidy. All of these pieces take up remarkably little space and are ideal for small houses or flats.

Here are some key pieces, but we offer a wide variety of items to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic, whether it's a living room, bedroom, home office, or your kid's bedroom.

The Graphy Desk

Simple and functional working

This desk is small but structured. It is a contemporary style, simple, functional, and ideal for your home office. Being particularly conducive to concentration, it is also ideal for your teenager's study section, having enough space for their laptop, notebooks, and textbooks. A single storage drawer holds scrap paper, books, etc. This desk is designed to fit neatly into the corner of any room with its wall back preventing anything from falling under it and thus saving time. Alternatively, turn it around and use the wall back as a concentration screen.

Product details:

  • Reversible
  • 1 drawer unit in oak veneered MDF
  • Surround/wall back in lacquered MDF
  • Solid ask legs
  • Acrylic finish which is easy to clean
  • Length 90cm, height 94cm, depth 47cm

This is an elegant piece that will fit in with any style! It has plenty of space to work without dominating a room. The wall panel comes in dark blue, dark green, or white, to fit the colour scheme of your room. It's solidly built and will last as long as you need it to, while being easy to clean and keep tidy. Whether you need to work, study, or just handle household paperwork, the Graphy Desk is a perfect, elegant option.

The Palano TV Cabinet

MEUBLE TELE HIFI_GMA321_Chêne (1).jpg

The smart storage solution

Combining oak with natural caning, it looks great in all styles, but also has a sliding door to save space. On the right side, space for your TV, streaming box, DVR, etc. On the left is a shelved storage space perfect for books, DVDs, or whatever else you might want to include. There's even more space on top of the unit and under the TV. It's beautiful, functional, and imported from Europe.

If you are looking for a modern, Scandinavian-flavored TV cabinet with plenty of extra storage space, this one fits with any style. It takes up remarkably little space and offers great cable management so that nobody has to see any of your connections. Keep all of your TV-related stuff tidy and together, or use it to store anything else that might be trying to clutter your living room. If you aren't a fan of hanging the TV on the wall, this is a great option that also provides a wonderful nicknack shelf. Cables can be run through the back so nobody ever has to see them. When the doors are closed, your TV is out of view, making it less obvious to thieves...or to visiting children. But there's no need to worry about saving space for swing doors in front of the cabinet. Put it in the best viewing spot!

The Matheo Desk

BUREAU_GMZ379_Naturel (1) (1).jpg

Your flexible work station

You work from home now. It's great, but you don't want a huge desk taking up space in your house and getting in the way. Even better is a desk you can literally hide away when the work day is done, forgetting it ever existed. The Matheo Desk is not only elegant, simple, and beautiful, it actually helps with your work-life balance! In office mode, it gives you all the advantages of a real workspace. It also encourages you to be tidy so your guests don't see the debris of your work day. Nobody has to know it's there. It looks like a small cabinet with a neat hoop top. Sustain the illusion that you don't need to work, while adding a lovely piece to your room.

  • Only 17cm thick when closed
  • Two small drawers store everything you need
  • Cable management
  • A removable shelf for extra storage
  • Folding desk for discretion
  • Solid oak and MDF oak veneer with nitrocellulose varnish
  • Oak and rattan doors
  • Brass-finished steel handles
  • Fixes to the wall, so no tipping
  • Width 80cm, height 180cm, depth 17cm

Combine the Matheo Desk or the Graphy Desk with our Cedak Cane Portable Office Chair that can easily be stowed away. Note that this desk is sold pre-assembled, so you can get to work right away without spending time puzzling it out.

All of these pieces were designed in France and constructed in Europe, so you know they are the best quality you can find. We call them Les Ingenieux because they truly are - ingenious pieces for your modern lifestyle. We have beautiful divider screens to break up open-plan rooms, bookcase desks (reversible), dining tables with shelves underneath, even elegant night stands and murphy beds. Whatever you need to save space and enjoy your lifestyle, we have it! All of our furniture is built to be sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Let us help you choose the standout pieces you need to complete your home's style.

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