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How to update your dining room with So’Home | La Redoute

Isabel Metelsky from @home_with_isabel has a beautiful home in Dorset which she shares with her partner and two dogs. Her home interior boasts natural materials and a tranquil, neutral colour pallet, creating a calm and ambient space. We spoke to her about her love of the new So’Home collection by La Redoute and how to transform a dining area.


Making a house feel like a home


The past 18 months have meant that we have all spent much more time at home; some rooms became overfamiliar and I felt they needed a spruce up.


We just completed a home renovation and like so many people this year, our jobs have been affected by the pandemic. We didn’t have a huge budget to work with when it came to the fun part of decorating and the finishing touches.


As first-time buyers, you can rush too quickly into buying items due to all the excitement of owning your own home. Without realising you may impulse purchased something which one day suddenly isn’t your style.


La Redoute to the rescue! I was thrilled to come across their So’Home collection. It felt right on trend and perfect for switching up our space to something that felt a bit more ‘us’ – and we were relieved by the great value.


“The dining space is the heart of the home”


I thoroughly enjoyed giving our dining area a new lease of life; just a few small changes really makes all the difference meaning you don’t have to always start from scratch. La Redoute has a range of on-trend and unique pieces, meaning there is something for everyone, every home, and every style.


Just a handful of their stylish pieces can completely transform a tired space that needs a bit of TLC.


I feel that a dining space is the heart of the home, as this is where we can spend more valued time than ever with friends and family. Below are my three styling tips to bring this space to life:


1.     Play with texture and shapes

Blog post 2.jpeg

Grouping items of different textures, height and shapes gives more interest than just one statement item. I love contrasting a mix of natural textures, such as the speckled stoneware vase and cedar wood serving dish which complement each other beautifully.


I adore the curves, which break up the straight lines of my dining table, removing any harshness and giving the space a much softer and calming vibe.


2. Bounce light using mirrors

Blog post 1.jpeg


Of course, La Redoute have always been know for great pieces and I chose this mirror from their main collection. Adding a mirror to any space instantly opens up the room, making it feel more open and spacious.


A mirror can also be an eye-catching statement piece, like the Biface irregular pebble mirror we used. The shape continued the natural and soft vibe we were going for, whilst catching the light perfectly, bouncing it around the room making it feel much lighter and brighter.


3. A consistent scheme is key

Blog post 3.jpeg

You can be as bold or neutral as you fancy, just make sure you have a consistent colour scheme in mind when choosing your items, so that you can be certain they’ll look fabulous together.


If you’re not confident on colour matching, your best bet is to choose a more neutral backdrop and then add a pop with an accent colour. I often opt for black as it contrasts our neutral colour palette and really packs a punch. The two-tone contemporary chairs with wooden legs were perfect for showcasing this.



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