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How to update the home using cool summer pastels | La Redoute

Poppy Marples from @dustsheets_and_decor adores pastels and has a beautiful eye for interior styling with a mix of scandi, colour and natural materials peppered throughout her period home. We spoke to her about her love of cool pastel aesthetic and how to incorporate them into the bedroom.
Adding colour to your home is a great way to inject personality and with pastels being one of the hottest interior trends, I’m going to show you how to give your home a seasonal update using beautiful pieces from La Redoute.
Pastel colours offer a light, soft and calming option so perfect for a summer revamp. They work really well with neutral tones; adding an element of sophistication and warmth to a space. From dusty pink to minty green, there are lots of different colours that combine beautifully to create a fresh on trend look. 
A bedroom is a really great space to introduce pastels, they can help create a soothing, calm environment to fall asleep in and a fresh uplifting space to wake up in. During the last year, our homes have become a sanctuary with bedrooms in particular needed to be a space where we can unwind and relax. With so much emphasis now on self-care and wellbeing, this starts with a good night’s sleep and a restful environment.

Attention to detail  

Starting with a small trassy tray for your delicate  is a great way to refresh a space without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to introduce a splash of colour if you’re a little apprehensive about moving away from a more neutral vibe.
Cushions and throws are the perfect starting point, be bold and choose a couple of complimenting colours such as straw yellow and powder pink to create your perfect pastel palette.
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Bring your bedding back down to earth 

Pastel coloured bedding, such as pearly grey-green sheets,, are the easiest way to give a room an instant revamp. A new set of sheets can update your space quickly and can be a great way to mix up your seasonal styling, opting for warmer tones in the winter and light pastels in the summer.
It also allows you to add a big block of colour to a space creating maximum impact. Go for linen to add a little bit of luxury, it’s earthy textures and laid-back vibe creates an inviting cosy environment. It’s also temperature regulating so keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
It’s the season for floral interiors 
Florals are big in the interior world right now, with botanical patterns offering a way to bring the outside in. These gorgeous quaint floral patterns can add texture and brighten your home, especially when layered with block pastels colours. Swapping out a plain pillowcase for a floral pattern is a low-cost way to make a small change with a big impact.
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Creating a cohesive space

The beauty of introducing pastels into your interiors is that they work so well with woven linen in neutral tones. If you’re adding big blocks of pastel colour with furnishings, you can accessorise with moreashen pieces to create a cohesive space. Think about accessories such as vases and pots for a clean modern look.
Elongated mirrors with a simplistic frame are also a fabulous way to pull a space together, they brighten up any dark corners whilst bouncing your pastel aesthetic colours around the space!
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With summer at our fingertips, its officially appropriate to start pencilling plans with friends and family. Since gatherings are set to be the biggest trend this season, you’ll need a cutlery refresh. For more ideas on how to style the home this summer, see Monica Beatrice’s inspirational article on outdoor dining.
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