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Get ready for World Gin Day and National Beer Day


Two very important dates for your diary coming up – World Gin Day (12th June) and National Beer Day (15th June). Now we don’t need any excuse to get our friends together and enjoy a few drinks, but we can’t let these two days pass by without some kind of celebration, can we?

Whether you love a fancy G&T with all the trimmings or a pint of real ale in a proper glass, we have all the cool accessories you need to make World Gin Day and National Beer Day into a proper get together. Take a look at our top picks…

Gorgeous glasswear for your gin


From classic cocktails to straight up mixers, gin is a really versatile spirit that can be enjoyed as extravagantly or as simply as you like. It’s good to have a range of different glasses to suit all types of drink, so stock up on your selection so you can offer your guests the gin combo of their choice!

We love these floral embossed glasses, which are great for serving up gin and elderflower drinks for a vintage-style soiree. If you want maximum variety, this 6-piece cocktail glass set gives you plenty of options, including a large bowl glass that’s great for cocktails with chunky pieces of fruit, a tall tumbler that will hold a classic G&T perfectly and a hi-ball stem glass – gin martini, anyone?


Finally, you can’t serve gin cocktails without balloon glasses – the deep cup allows the gin to mix with the tonic, and that large bowl means any botanicals you add can properly infuse in the glass.

The best accessories for your beers


Ok, so beer doesn’t have quite the same versatility as gin… you really just need a good glass. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with cool accessories to make National Beer Day feel like a bit of a party!


Let’s start with that good glass we mentioned – this tulip stem beer glass is perfect for pouring out a beer. The open shape means you can really see the colour and carbonation of your favourite ale or larger. If you prefer a full pint, this simple style is a classic.


If you’re hanging out in the garden, keeping those beers icy cold will be a top priority – no one wants to be going back and forth to the fridge all day. We love this cool copper ice bucket for keeping drinks at the right temperature – just fill with ice and stick your beers in. Bonus points – it looks super stylish!

And for those guests who want alternatives to beer, go for this sleek brass cocktail shaker so you can whip up a margarita or cosmopolitan in a flash.

Go all out with stylish bar furniture

If your dedication to celebration World Gin Day and National Beer Day knows no bounds… why not set up an actual bar in your house? Sounds super extra, we know. But actually, having a dedicated space for storing your spirits, glasswear and accessories is pretty practical, and it makes for a great Instagram shot ;)


This beautiful curved sideboard has a real mid-century feel, and we love the pop of sage green. Use the deep double cupboard to store glasses, shakers and stirrers, then display your spirits, liquors and botanicals on top. Add a soft, vintage lamp and a tall plant at the side and you’ve got a 60-style bar area!


For a more Art Deco feel, this gorgeous bar cabinet gives classic cocktail vibes. With a pull-down drawer at the top and double cupboard underneath, there’s loads of space for storage. Top tip – use the pull-down drawer front as a surface to make your drinks. Cheers!

Check out more glasswear, barwear and bar furniture and get the party started, stat!

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