Sans Complexe – French lingerie brand specialising in bras for bigger busts. Feel sexy and confident in Sans Complexe lingerie. Find beautiful bras, briefs and knickers.

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Enhance your figure with Sans Complexe lingerie

Lingerie brand Sans Complexe listens to women and invites them to feel good about their bodies. All the brand's bras are available in large sizes, from C to G cups, and up to a bust size of 105 in French sizes, and 90 in Swiss sizes. If you have a generous bust, a Sans Complexe push-on bra will give you all the comfort you need and make you feel at ease. The studied cut combines support, ease and harmony, for a bra that's effective and discreet, even with a strapless top. Above all, the Sans Complexe brand offers pleasant materials, sparkling colors and a variety of patterns to add color to your outfit. With Sans Complexe, plus-size lingerie isn't limited to black and white! Every season, the iconic Arum Sans Complexe bra comes in a variety of colors and prints, following the trend or opting for originality. There's sure to be an Arum bra for you. The brand offers matching briefs, thongs and shorties, as well as sculpting lingerie, ideal under a plus-size dress. And let's not forget swimwear, so you can look your best and feel your best on the beach.
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