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Why You Should Always Invest in Good Quality Bedding

There’s nothing better than a cosy, comfy bed. In the evenings, I love climbing into it and I truly miss it when we travel. It’s a happy place where I find comfort and calm, especially when I’m having my morning coffee on a Sunday morning.

The main component that makes our bed so wonderful is the bedding. For the longest time, I didn’t put much thought into my bedding. Sure I would get gorgeous throws and scatter cushions, but just grab the basic, white bedding to go underneath it. I mean, it’s just bedding right? Wrong.

When you turn thirty,  you start to appreciate the finer things in life and want to invest in those pieces. And for me, this now includes bedding. There are several things you’ll want to consider, to have a fabulous night’s sleep. So if you’re wanting to take the plunge, but are still questioning if it’s really worth it, here are five reasons why you should invest in good quality bedding…

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You Use It Everyday

On average we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Excluding the time we spend in bed sipping on our coffees, reading the latest novel and catching up on the latest Netflix series.

Considering all this, it seems strange that we wouldn't spend our well earned money on bed linens. Afterall, if you’re willing to spend £60 on dinner out, then you should be willing to spend it on a fabulous duvet. Purchasing the best bedding is always well-spent money. Afterall, spend once and have your bedding last for years rather than making several trips to the store.

It’s Better for Your Health

As someone who has sensitive skin, it’s imperative to have high-quality linen to ensure I protect it. It’s embarrassing to say that this wasn’t at the top of my list to get good bedding years ago.

Linen is the high-brow of bedding, a must for any bedroom. It’s lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. Therefore, not only is it great for sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate, but it’s also great for warmer evenings. We are at the start of summer, which is great during the day but can be miserable at night. Even when our fans are working overtime. So we’re all in need of bedding that will help regulate our body temperature while sleeping. A good night’s sleep allows for better concentration, memory and overall better mood.


It Enhances the Design of Your Room

Your bed is the central furniture item in your room, so it needs to scream luxury. Set the mood and direct the decor of the room by investing in gorgeous bedding. Textured blankets, soft pillows and linen quilts, all will add an elegance to the room.

Along with this, you’ll need to think about the colours and tones of your bedding. Neutrals or monochrome bedding will always look more refined and luxurious. Adding a pattern in the form of a stripe or organic pattern will break up the solid block of colour and create interest. Allowing the eye to dance around the room, taking in the whole space adds to the feeling of lux and grandeur. All starting with your bedding.

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