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Welcome spring with a décor refresh: 10 spring interior design tips

Spring is a time of birth, renewal, and growth. The plants come back to life, animals have their babies, the weather begins to warm, and everything just feels fresh and new. It feels like turning the page and beginning a brand-new day.

That makes it the perfect time to refresh your home décor. Winter décor tends to feature heavy blankets, dark, warm colours, and a very cosy vibe. It really is a lovely style. However, it has a completely different feel than spring.

That means it's time to change things up and welcome the spring season into your home. Here are our top 10 tips for the perfect spring décor refresh!


Floral patterns are a springtime staple for a reason. They go perfectly with spring décor because they match the season itself. For some, dense floral patterns can be a bit overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can use floral patterns as an accent rather than any of your staple items.

Another great option is to find a more modern and less busy floral patterns as opposed to the more traditional floral patterns you're used to. Grandmillennial style uses elements of traditional design but updated to a more "not your grandma's home décor" kind of style.

Add plants

Plants are a great way to bring the outside feel indoors. There are plenty of faux plants available if you don't have a green thumb. They're a great way to liven the space up with plants without adding more responsibilities to your plate.

Flowers are also a great option. Having fresh flowers (or their silk counterparts) in your home can be such a lovely touch. You can also fill a vase or bowl with colourful fruits like lemons and limes to bring in nature and a pop of colour.

Spring scented candles

Every season has its traditional scents. Try getting some scented candles that represent your favourites smells of spring. Some great options are lavender, any flowery scent really, water scents like ocean and rain, or even fresh linen scents. These light and airy scents will get you in the spring mood in no time.

Linen bedding

Winter requires some heavy bedding to stay cosy and warm. Spring is much warmer, so you can switch out your heavy blankets and throws for light cotton and linen bedding. They are more breathable and lighter to keep things cool as the weather begins to warm. This is a great way to add different textures as well. Each fabric will have its own look and feel.

Sheer curtains

Many people prefer heavy, dark, blackout curtains during the winter. They have a warmer look and feel. They also keep the cold air from the windows from giving your home a chill. However, now that spring is here, there's less need to keep in the warm air.

Thin sheer curtains are the perfect way to bring in some light and make everything feel brighter. The light fabric also allows you to keep your privacy without blocking out the outdoors completely. Have fun with patterns and colours to bring in some extra brightness, or go with classic white linen if your style is more of a clean, minimalist vibe.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion that your place is more spacious. It's also great for rooms that don't have a ton of natural light. The light will bounce off the mirrors and multiply the amount of brightness the sun brings into your home.

This can also be an energy-saving strategy. Some rooms are harder to light than others. Instead of having a ton of lamps to bring light into every corner of the room, use mirrors to reflect the light into other areas.

Whites and pastels

There are some classic colour schemes that just scream spring! White really lightens up any space. White linens especially feel like spring. Pastels are another great way to go. Use the colours that remind you most of springtime or bring you the most joy.

Light, bright blues can give your space a beach house aesthetic. Yellow makes the room feel full of sunshine, while greens feel like you're out in nature. Have some fun with your colours! Mix up solids, stripes, and patterns for more visual interest.

Switch up the throw pillows

A really easy way to switch up your home décor is to swap out your throw pillows. This method can have a big impact for a small price. Especially if your main décor pieces like your couch and bedding are more neutral, just changing the pillows to something with a floral pattern, bright spring pastels, or clean white or beige linens can make all the difference without taking a lot of time and money.

Change out the art

Wall art is one thing people don't often think about when changing up their décor for a new season. Many people have a "set it and forget it" attitude to their wall art. However, changing it out seasonally can really make a big difference and give you a lot of different options.

Art is so versatile and expressive. You can get floral or botanical-themed art, beautiful spring landscapes, or go for more of an abstract art style that incorporates spring colours or just feels like it matches the season. There are endless options.

Update your accessories

Home accessories are another way to bring some more personality to your spring style choices. Changing up your knick-knacks, vases, dishes, and other background items is a great way to add more colour, design elements, and personal style to any room.

Not everything needs to have a purpose. Some things are just there because they look nice or because they make you smile, and that's okay! Interior design should be fun. It can be a great way to express yourself and show off your whimsical side.

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Spring décor can be anything you want it to be. While these are our top tips for spring design, there are no rules. Just do whatever you like. At the end of the day, you're the one who has to live with it, so make sure you pick things that will make you happy to walk into every room!

At La Redoute, we have a wide selection of décor items to make your spring design refresh easy. Have a look at our home décor and accessories to find everything you need to make a splash this spring.

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