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#RealRedoutables Medina Talks Wardrobe Storage


Medina Grillo, interiors influencer, founder of #howirent and author of Home Sweet Rented Home:

Storage can some sometimes be a problem when you rent – especially for clothes. Maybe your bedroom is so small, that you can’t fit a decent sized wardrobe to house your clothes. Or maybe your bedroom already has a built in wardrobe, but the cupboard itself looks a little outdated and again is really small. In other words, it not what you would have chosen had you designed the room yourself, however you have to make the most of it.

Here are my top tips for renters looking to maximise storage space in a wardrobe:

-        Take an inventory of your clothing. I’m not saying go full on Kon Mari but at least sort through and give away any items of clothing that you no longer need or wear. It’s always a good idea to organise your wardrobe depending on the seasons so your wardrobe doesn’t get too overcrowded. Pack away the summer clothes into vacuum containers during the colder weathers, and leave out your knits and autumnal colours for winter.

-        Is your wardrobe looking a little dark? Either add in battery operated lights or paint the insides in a light colour like cream or white to brighten the insides. You could also use a renter friendly wallpaper too if you don’t own the wardrobe.

-        When it comes to hanging, group your short-hanging pieces at one end of the wardrobe and your longer-hanging clothes (like dresses or skirts) at the other. This will help to free up floor space.

-        Switch to slim metal hangers if you can. These are less bulky and are about one inch thinner than a traditional wood hanger which means you get much more hanging space. Trust me, that inch makes all the difference.

-        Make use of the floor of your wardrobe. Add in cubbies, low shelving units or deep baskets that can hold a good amount of folded clothes.

-        Don’t forget about your doors. Hanging magazine racks or slim shoes racks on the insides is a super functional way to store all sorts of clothing items and accessories like jewellery, scarves etc. You can also attach lightweight items like mirrors to your doors using self-adhesive strips to give the illusion of a bigger wardrobe


-        Finally, repurpose items you might already own like hanging baskets for smaller accessories like socks, hats, head bands or scarves.





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