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#RealRedoutables Hannah Gale: Injecting Personality Into Your Bedroom

Lifestyle influencer Hannah Gale is renting while she searches for the perfect forever home near family and friends. She shared with us her top tips for creating a stylish bedroom that’s full of personality and reflects your individual style, without jeopardising that rental deposit, using La Redoute’s ever-popular bedding and accessories.

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For me, the best way to inject some personality into a bedroom is with really bright, decadent bed linen. I like to layer up different coloured pillowcases which clash against the duvet set to really make the bed a focal point. Then I add cushions in different textures, like velvet or faux fur, and a big bed spread to really make it feel cosy and homely. You could go for bright pops of mustard with navy or blush pink with deep emerald. If colour isn’t your thing, you can still try layering up crisp white sheets with neutral tones like soothing greys and soft beiges.

To get away from the fact I can’t hang things on walls, I’ll often prop up big prints and frames on fireplaces or on top of dressers, and then use lots of houseplants to accessorise. I love stacking up piles of books and adding candles to bring the whole calm and cosy look together.

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