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#RealRedoutables Bang on Style: Personality in Rented


Debs Stubbington, aka Bang on Style, is busy transforming her new rented house in Essex into a home:

I think you can add so much design and personality to a rented property with accessories and bold key pieces. My house had some very dominating features in the colour black including a fireplace and shelves both of which weren’t changeable. I decided to embrace this colour and incorporate it into my ideas for the downstairs space. By doing this, it gave me the ability to add my own personality and keep the rooms cohesive but also stop them from looking like I was just stuck with a colour scheme.

La Redoute had loads of really quirky pieces that worked well alongside the existing pieces I owned and the permanent features in my rented place. For example, the Lenaig mirror not only bounces light around the space but the black metal frame ties in with my fireplace and I added a small shelf underneath too. Just because a place is rented doesn’t mean you can’t wall-mount items. Check with your landlord, but most will allow as long as you make good the wall when you leave. I also keep the black theme running with the Adza bench with metal hairpin legs, it adds extra seating at my dining table and can be slid underneath for when I need more space.

Smaller accessories like cushions and tea light holders add warmth, texture and a nice pop of colour too. They are a really easy way to switch up the colour of a room by just changing these items and as we head into Winter I love the cosy vibes from the gold metal tea light holders.

Lastly if you’re not a fan of your rented home flooring then a rug is a brilliant way to disguise it and add some design into the room too. La Redoute has some incredible rugs and I love the simplicity of this Fatouh Berber rug in my living room with its touch of black to keep within my colour theme.




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