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Mother's Day Activities for Spending Quality Time With Mum

This year in the UK, we will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday 19th March.   Here at La Redoute, we believe in celebrating all mothers for their selflessness and their unconditional love and support.

Although gifts make beautiful gestures, there's nothing more precious than spending time with Mum.  We've provided a number of activity ideas that we're sure she will love as they will enable you to spend quality time together.

Take a Cooking Class

For the Mum that loves food or enjoys cooking and baking - a cooking class is a great way for you both to spend time together while doing something she is also passionate about.  Cooking is a great bonding experience, as you can work together to create something delicious that you can enjoy and eat together after.

 Although she may love cooking and being in the kitchen at home, taking her outside into a new environment will inspire her and make a fresh change.

Choose a cuisine that she absolutely adores - is she a lover of Italian food, or does she have a cupboard full of Asian spices that she'll be able to use after the class? Either way, choosing a cuisine she loves will make the experience even more enjoyable and practical for her when you've both completed it.

Take on A DIY Project

If your Mum is crafty or artistic, why not take on a DIY project together, either in the home or at a craft class?  From making planters out of pallets, or vases out of old glass bottles, getting creative together will be a lovely way to spend quality time together and at the end of it you'll have something to keep as a memory or souvenir for the day.

Keep your eye out for DIY projects we post on our Instagram feed - we have a range of fun DIY craft ideas for making beautiful home decor pieces.

Treat Her To A Relaxing Spa Day

If your Mum is constantly busy or is always so selfless looking after everyone else in the family and catering to their needs, a spa day can be a great way for her to relax and re-charge her batteries.  Attending a spa day with her will be a great way for you both to bond whilst she also gets the pampering that she deserves.

Many Spa Centres have several packages to choose from, including: massage, facial and nail treatments, to afternoon tea and yoga classes.  Create an experience that suits her personality and have a lovely time relaxing together for the day or weekend!

Host a Family Brunch or Dinner

Having the entire family over including the grandchildren or brothers and sisters might be the perfect way to make her day.  Let her relax and have the family cook a special dinner for her, put on her favourite playlist and spend some quality family time together.

Make an evening or day of it and get some family games out - like charades, or a classic board game like monopoly!  Having all of her close ones in one room could be so special to her - remember to take a family picture and get it framed for good memories!

Get Outdoors 

Why not look in your local area for some beautiful walks or hikes? Getting outdoors is a great way to destress and helps to promote relaxation - which might be just what she needs!

Find a nice lake to wander around, or take a stroll along the beach ( and grab some fish and chips along the way!). 
Getting outdoors will cost you very little but will be a lovely way to get some quality bonding time in together.

If you wanted to make it even more special or thoughtful, you could research some of the best national parks near you and do a day trip with the whole family.  

There are many ways to make spending outdoors fun that could make the experience more memorable for her:

  • Play some outdoor games - rounders, frisbee or flying a kite with the grandkids can be fun outdoor games that she might enjoy
  • Find some local outdoor activities - look in the local area for food festivals or outdoor concerts that you could pair up with your walk or hike
  • Take a picnic - why not spend some time preparing a few sandwiches, pastries and cakes (with a little glass of bubbly) to take with you on your outdoor adventure if the place you're going to is quite remote?  
We hope these ideas have helped to give you some inspiration, and your Mum has the best day celebrating.
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