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It's the little things in life that can make the biggest impact by @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf

Mo is a happy advocate for the power of colour and the love of plants to create a beautiful home. Known on Instagram as mo.and.the.jungle.shelf, here he tells us how to bring his love of nature indoors.

We often have that idea of a forever home, that perfect place that ticks all the boxes, but sometimes in searching for that dream and thinking of the things we haven’t got, we overlook what we do have. We forget that a few simple little tweaks can really give the impact of a much bigger makeover. Here, I share a few of my favourite pieces from La Redoute.

Creating a space that you love doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul – just a few stylish pieces here and there can really transform a room and La Redoute have an amazing selection.

One of the ways to really brighten up our home is to use the elements of nature to create the feeling of bringing the outside in. Using accessories with natural textures, and picking things with an outdoors colour scheme is an ideal way to give your room that really fresh feeling. The Sira Decorative Ceramic Flowerpot is a great choice and paired with this faux rubber tree, it gives that maximum impact, a real feature of a room. And while the faux plants look great they need a lot less work than real ones.

Lots of houses have multifunctional rooms – living, dining, and kitchen, all in the one space. But zoning different spaces can really make them feel separate. For instance, using a rug under the dining table, can really separate the space. I’d suggest this stunning Madotto Rug, it’s in keeping with that natural palette, it’s stylish and it can be used both indoors and out.

I’m a big fan of sprucing up corners with hanging plants – it really gives a well thought out depth to the interior – if you don’t want to hang it from the ceiling, use a shelf bracket on the wall. I have a few dark corners in my living room and this Trailing Rosemary in a Macrame Hanger is absolutely perfect, and helps bring the outdoors in.

A dining table can be a big part of some rooms, but the chairs themselves can be quite obvious. Try switching a couple of the chairs for this Adas Bench. It’s a piece that’s good value for money, but looks very expensive, and it gives the dining room a much more relaxed and less formal look – great for casual dining.

I love dried flowers, they brighten up a room in a much more relaxed way than fresh flowers do, and they last for so much longer, and give that laidback contemporary look. These amazing Scottish Everlasting Dried Flowers are my top pick, and displayed in this Rupani Enamelled Ceramic Planter, would bring any coffee or dining table to life.

I believe in using surfaces of cupboards, shelves or storage units to group together really attractive  things – use that piece of furniture as a way of displaying your statement pieces, especially as La Redoute have so many unique and eye-catching accessories that really set a room off perfectly.

A group of several things often looks much more interesting than just one thing on its own. I would choose this set of two Elda Aluminium Candlesticks because they’ve got that differing height, and I’d add this Pannia Stoneware Planter, which is good value and it looks great with a plant, or dried flowers, or just on it’s own. Continue with the natural theme by adding in this Lumi Bamboo Lantern and this really interesting but subtle mineral polyresin sculpture.

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