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How to: Transform a room with accessories

Start from the bottom

Whether you want to cover a dodgy carpet or add warmth to wooden floors, a stylish rug is the perfect way to instantly update your space. The Berber style is still top of our wishlist, and this rainbow version will bring colour and fun to a minimal room. For a cosy, calming feel, we love this subtle jute rug. And if you’re looking for a statement print, we’d go for these super cool palm leaves! 

Hang it up

An easy way to add detail to a drab space is with framed photos, mirrors and wall hangings. This metal and grass piece is giving us serious 60s boho vibes – ideal for your Instagram-inspired bedroom. If you’re looking for something slightly sleeker, this minimal mirror has a Scandi feel that we totally love. Or why not think outside the box – a wall-mounted light fitting can add intrigue in the same way, helping to create a warm, well-lit space. We love this simple metal style. 


Talk about texture

Rattan, velvet, wool, silk – mixing up the textures in your room will draw the eye around the space and give your guests plenty to look at. Japandi (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian) is one of our key home trends for and this beautiful wall hanging really fits the bill. The texture trend can even extend to glass – we love this rose ceiling pendant, which perfectly captures that vintage vibe.

rose glass ceiling pendant

Pull it all together

It’s often those last minute additions that really make a space work – a perfectly-placed vase or casually-draped blanket gives that lived in look with a stylish edge. This terracotta vase is top of our wishlist right now, and we just can’t get enough of this expressionist planter. Add a touch of (faux) greenery from Scottish Everlasting and you’re done!

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