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How to make the most of storage solutions

Storage is a key part of any home, but one that often gets overlooked. If overflowing drawers, barely-closed cupboards and a shed full of useless junk are familiar sights in your house, you may be in need of some storage solutions (and some decluttering, tbh). But storage isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ deal – using tailored pieces in each room will help you keep your possessions in order and easily accessible when you need them. ‘Cause no one likes rooting through endless messy boxes to find that handbag you last used in 2013, right?

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This time of year is perfect for getting stuck into some storage sorting, too – we’ve got those back-to-school vibes that make us reassess our whole lives, and as the hazy days of summer come to an end we’re looking for order and routine to take us through autumn and winter. Getting on top of any storage issues and giving your house a minimalist makeover with clever pieces that hide away clutter will make you feel refreshed and ready for the new season.

So here are our top storage solutions, tailored for each room of your house.

Bedroom storage

Your bedroom should be a serene space, where you can retire after a long day and relax in calming surroundings. That won’t be the case if your wardrobe is overflowing, your shoes are spread out across the floor and your bedside table is groaning under the weight of your books, will it?


In our bedroom storage selection, we’ve covered everything from under-bed drawers to display shelving. Like this sleek Scandi-style storage draw, which slides easily under your bed and is great for spare bedding and sheets. Or this gorgeous rail unit, which is a statement piece in itself – use the hanging section for your most Instagrammable dresses, and hide shoes in the boxes underneath.  

Hallway storage 

The hallway is prime dumping ground space. How many times have you burst through the door, chucked your coat in the vague direction of a hook, kicked off your shoes and dropped your bag then left the whole lot there for three days? Not to mention the umbrellas, wellies, keys and general life rubbish that get left by the door to ‘sort out’. The hallway can very quickly get overwhelmed with mess and clutter.

A few clever storage solutions can really help clear the decks, though. Wall-mounted hooks will keep coats at bay (as long as you hang them up properly, of course), and we love this shelf style – the shelf is perfect for stacking winter hats, scarves and gloves when not in use.


For shoes, this storage bench is a great find – you can keep your shoes tidy inside it then sit on it to put them on. Especially good if you have small kids who need a sturdy seat.

Finally, we love a console table for the hallway space, and this asymmetrical style is giving us simple Scandi vibes. The slim silhouette is perfect for narrow spots.

Living room storage

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These days, our living spaces have to work really hard – they’re in constant use for a multitude of purposes, from dining and relaxing to working from home and even working out! We spend so much of our timing in the living room, so storage has to be accessible as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The sideboard has made a real comeback in recent years, and we love this industrial style for keeping everything from crockery to vinyl out of sight. If you have small children, you’ll know they come with extensive toy collections – a grown-up Scandi sideboard like this is sturdy and easy to open, making it great for toy storage.


If you’re a bibliophile (that’s a book lover), shelving is essential for all those must-reads. Go for a statement shelf like this round rattan style or keep it simple with solid wood. Just don’t forget to colour coordinate those spines!

Find more clever storage solutions for your kitchen, office and bathroom in our special storage section.

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