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Get the Friends look for International Friendship Day

It’s International Friendship Day on 30th July – and what better day to celebrate the iconic looks from beloved TV show Friends?

Back in May, Friends The Reunion aired to global excitement – 17 years after the show ended, all six characters plus many of our favourite supporting guests came together to reminisce, acting out some of the best scenes and chatting about life on the Friends set. The surge in popularity of the original series came at the perfect time, too – 90s fashion is huge right now, and those early episodes provide endless inspo for your wardrobe.

We’ve pulled together some pieces to help you get the Friends look, whether you’re a classy Monica, a preppy Rachel or a boho Phoebe. So grab a couple of pals, get dressed up and raise a glass to friendship (Friends-style) this International Friendship Day!

Monica – chic, sleek and classy

Monica’s pulled together look is a reflection of her personality – she’s super organised, ambitious and driven, with a sharp, chic style to match. If Monica were around in 2021, we’d definitely call her a Boss Babe!


To get the Monica vibe, start with an oversized tailored blazer. Team with some high-waisted mom jeans in a light wash denim and a fun floral blouse. Keep the look effortlessly casual with some classic Cons and add a luxe cross body bag to finish things off.


Rachel – fun, flirty and fashionable

Rachel was known as the fashionista of Friends – well, she did get the job at Ralph Lauren after all! Her early outfits were our faves, though – cute, playful pieces with plenty of Americana charm and a hint of cheerleader pep.


The mini skirt was a key piece in the Rachel wardrobe – keep that 90s shape with this high-waisted denim version. Rachel was a big logo lover, and there’s no brand that says New York in the 90s like Tommy Jeans! We’re loving this cropped t-shirt for true 90s vibes. Keep it cute and fun with these quirky brogues and add a preppy baseball cap to complete the look… it had to be Ralph Lauren, of course.. Rachel would approve!


Phoebe – beautifully boho

Phoebe is a low-key style icon from the Friends era – with her long floaty skirts, oversized knits and stacked up jewels, she was years ahead of her time and always looked absolutely iconic. Here’s how to get her Manhattan bohemian look…


Floaty is the silhouette we’re going for here, so this loose, tiered skirt with cute ditsy floral print is perfect. Pair it with this 90s-tastic knitted cami top and some layered charm necklaces – we love this cute feather set and these awesome shells. A big woven bag is an essential part of the Phoebe vibe, and our recycled cotton tote has that 90s mood. Plus, all the profits from this bag go straight to charity – very Phoebe-esque!  


For the guys

Ok, so the men of Friends weren’t quite style icons, but they did capture that 90s city look perfectly. So if your guy friends want in on the International Friendship Day celebrations, send them our way for some 90s-inspired looks!


When they weren’t in work attire, the Friends men had a very off-duty American style. Think oversized sports sweaters like this Tommy Jeans version paired with some light coloured chinos. A pair of big, chunky trainers is a must, and we love this New Balance style. Finally, another baseball cap (what can we say, they’re truly iconic when it comes to 90s style) from another classic American brand tops off the look. Could we be any cooler?


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