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Faking It: Artificial Plants for Your Home

Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery? Whatever the weather outside, you can always rely on a house plant or two to brighten things up. The trouble is they need a bit of looking after, and well… we’re horticulturally challenged. 
Luckily, in steps the stylish, low maintenance artificial plant. Faking it is a great way to give your home a constant flow of freshness without getting those fingers muddy.


You know what they say… go big or go home, and this 6ft Bamboo certainly makes a statement! Use its delicate stems and long green leaves to breathe a little calm into your bedroom or workspace. 

Glass terrariums are having a huge moment right now and this gem is just perfect for table top display. Add it to your hall table or desk for instant cool – no misting necessary!

We’re obsessed! Orchids are a symbol of love, luxury, beauty and strength in many cultures, so we’re putting this stunner front and centre to wow our guests and pep up a dull day.

This mid-size Aloe plant is a timeless classic, perfect for slotting into a modern or more traditional décor. We’d proudly pop him centre stage in a bathroom or kitchen to add a little lift to clinical corners.

The name of this spiky treasure roughly translates to “Mother in Law’s Tongue” - cheeky! It’s grey footed pot is ready to go straight from delivery – we’d waste no time making it the star in a living room alcove, or standing it at the foot of a mirror for maximum impact. 
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