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Everything you need to make the most of outdoor meets

Lockdown 2.0 is here and one of the key differences between now and round one is we’re able to meet one-on-one for outdoor walks. That means you can meet a friend for a jaunt round the park (which is open! Hooray!) or catch up with your mum over an on-the-go coffee. This is great news for our seriously-restricted social life, and will make all the difference on those long winter days. 


However, meeting outdoors in the depths of November is not without its challenges. Luckily, we’re here with some essential bits and pieces to make your outdoor meets way more enjoyable – take a look!



First things first – coffee

A blustery walk around the woods requires a hot drink of some description – whether it’s a strong coffee, creamy hot chocolate or classic cuppa, you’ll need something to keep it warm. We recommend supporting your local café by ordering a takeaway drink, then transferring it to a travel mug. 


Pack a snack

With cafes and restaurants closed for dining in, taking some sustenance along on your walk and enjoy a breezy picnic on a park bench… it’s all part of the fun, right?! This lunchbox set is great for sarnies and pasta, while we love these floral tins for cakes and sweet treats. 


Keep cosy

Is it weird to take a blanket out on a walk? Not during lockdown, that’s for sure! A cosy wool blanket like this one will keep you extra warm when out and about – especially if you stop for a socially-distanced sit on a park bench. Wrap up without fear, folks!

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