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Embracing colour in your interiors

As much as we love cool, calm interiors… there’s something so joyful about a splash of colour. And if you really want to bring the positivity, clashing rainbow shades are totally in right now!


It can be a bit daunting to paint an entire room in a bright colour, so here’s a little inspo to help you visualise the look. From statement wallpapers to luxurious bed linen – go big, go bold, go bright!

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Calm colour in the bedroom

Ok, we’re easing you in gently. As much as we’re here for rainbow shades, a calmer, more reserved look works better in the bedroom to promote a sleepy environment. We love this strong teal shade on the wall, and the contrast lighter blue at the sides is really soothing. Paired with our sumptuous pink linen bedding it’s a stylishly inviting space. 

prettyinprintart_2020-05-29_3589574048 2.jpg

Fresh colour for the kids

When redecorating a child-friendly space, it’s easy to go for bright primary colours and call it a day. So we’re totally digging this fresh, nature-inspired space for little ones – that deep forest green creates a background for the fun jungle theme in this room, and the pops of mustard, royal blue and pastel pink give it a real softness. The rattan bed adds natural texture to finish the look. 


Bright colour to welcome you in

Hallways and entrance spaces can often get forgotten in the quest for colour – we don’t spend much time there, so why bother? But the hallway is the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home, and it’s the perfect spot to make an impact. This amazing patterned wallpaper clashes beautifully with the creamy yellow block colour underneath, which really makes the details pop. Teamed with a complementary shade on the woodwork, stylish accessories and simple black furniture and fittings , this space is total interior goals. 


The ultimate colour combo

When it comes to combining colours, we really don’t think you can get a more perfect match than this. Striking green next to soft pink just works so well, we’d have it in every room of the house! It’s particularly perfect in the bedroom, where a strong green statement wall can be tampered by soft pink cushions, covers and throws. Add some natural wood furniture like this bedside table and this solid oak bed , hang up some trailing plants and you’ve got an Instagram-worthy space that’s bursting with colour and life. Love it!

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