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Bring the Countryside Home: How to Achieve the Country House Trend

Whether you've recently purchased a new home or you're just looking to revamp your current space, it's all the rage to opt for a country house-style design this season. When you think country home, think stained solid wood, plant motifs, and chequered prints---think warmth, cosiness, and muted tones.

The country home aesthetic is informed by the English countryside, so incorporating vegetal motifs, patchwork textiles, and other humble elements into your home is a good idea if you're looking to capture this on-trend design aesthetic. Let's chat more about the country house style and how you can achieve it with pieces from La Redoute.

How to Make the Country Home Trend Your Own

Investing in classic, older-looking pieces does not have to be stuffy and boring---it can be exciting and fashion-forward! The pieces that are found in a space styled in the country home-style often resemble the kind of pieces you'd find at your grandma's house (we mean this in the best way possible).

However, to make your home a little bit more modern, you also need to shop contemporary pieces so that your space feels timeless and up-to-date at the same time. La Redoute has plenty of contemporary furniture pieces and décor that can bring your country house-styled space together.

Must Haves: Achieve the Country House Look with La Redoute

It doesn't matter if you're trying to transform one room or your entire home, you need to find great pieces that can take your home from boring to beautiful. These furniture pieces and décor items will surely help you achieve the country home look in your space:

Gabin Pine and Ratan Side Board: Love ratan? Us too. This ratan side board is great because it looks stunning and serves an important purpose at the same time. That is, it will look great, and it will also hide any clutter you might accumulate in your space. You can even put plant motifs on top of this furniture piece.

Dinan Gingham 100% Cotton Terry Towel: Cleaning up has never been more stylish. You always need a high-quality towel in your home. Whether you're cleaning up spills in the kitchen, using it in the bathroom after a shower, or hanging it in your entryway to wipe the dog's paws, a towel is incredibly useful. This gingham chequered print towel will match the country home aesthetic perfectly.

Cottage Checked 100% Cotton Seersucker Pillowcase: There is no better feeling than getting into a freshly made bed after a hard day. When you dress your bed up with a checked pillow case that aligns with the country home aesthetic, you'll be excited---and stylish---at bedtime.

Nourry Pine 2-Door 2-Drawer Sideboard: Your home should be as bold as you! For a space that really stands out, you need to have a pop of colour with stained solid wood. This pine 2-door sideboard is a fun option if you want to get organized with bold furniture pieces. It's colourful but still cosy.

For a Comfortable and Stylish Home, Choose La Redoute

Staying on top of the latest trends is simple when you choose La Redoute! We love the country house trend because it promotes comfort and style at the same time. If you're ready to implement this trend into your space, then check out the products that La Redoute offers.

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