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Bedroom paint colours and palette inspiration

One thing we love about interior design is how it can create different moods and atmospheres as you move through your house. You might go from a bright, bold kitchen to energise your mornings into a calm, cool living space where you feel totally chilled. The power of décor is amazing, and one place it really makes a difference is in the bedroom.

When it comes to aesthetic bedroom ideas, there are so many things you can do to create your perfect dreaming space. From paint colours for the bedroom walls to soft furnishings, statement lamps and stylish accessories, sticking to a specific theme will bring cohesion to the room. And with our new range of paints and home trends, La Redoute is here to make sure you achieve your vision!

Here are our top bedroom trends and how you can make them work in your home, with all the expert tips and tricks you need to match your interiors to your mood. Take a look!

Calm and Relaxing Bedroom Aesthetic

If your bedroom is your sanctuary – a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the world, we recommend a colour palette paired with interiors that creates a space that’s warm and inviting.  Imagine a space with natural elements and simple lines that give you a relaxed, peaceful feeling every time you walk in.

Perfect for escaping the pressures of life and curling up with a good book.

Pair curved edges, irregular shapes and earthy paint tones into your space to bring a sense of nature and calm.

nature bedroom inspiration.jpg

Create the Look...

    • Create a calm, muted paint palette with earthy tones like tan brown, mustard yellow and soft beige.  Shop our range of paints from coats - colours featured in the above image inspiration include: Jaune 03 and Jaune 02.

    • Go natural with your soft furnishings from La Redoute's Organic Curve range – bring in linen bedding and a jute rug to add detail.  Warm wooden accents will work well – think wooden open shelving or a small side table.

    • Curved lines and simple shapes create a feeling of calm when you look at them, so search for prints and wall hangings with these style patterns.

    • You could even paint a block colour arch on a bare wall – use a paint colour with a gentle contrast, like forest green or deep navy.

    • Keep accessories minimal but sumptuous with a chunky knitted blanket or earthy velvet throw.
       A lamp with rattan shade will diffuse light around the room for a calm, comforting vibe.

Bright Bedroom Aesthetic 

For those who love to wake up feeling energised and invigorated, this bright and bold bedroom aesthetic will give you that spring in your step everyday. It combines playful colours using interior pieces, combined with minimalist paint colours for the walls to still keep it fresh and airy. 

This aesthetic has been created for those who want to be a little more adventureous with colour in their home, without fully committing to a bold paint.  It won’t overwhelm and is full of pep and personality to match your interior mood. 

This bedroom palette is fresh and zingy – think teal green, bright coral and crisp baby blue for a bold contrasting look.

"Leave the gloom of winter behind and bring the joy of spring to your space with playful, colourful decor pieces and bold prints like our checkerboard home furnishings to add some texture"

colour energy.jpg

Create the Look:

    • For those who are testing with colour before they fully commit, keeping the walls a minimalist, airy white will make your room feel bigger.  We recommend going with COAT's 'screenshot white' paint. 

    • You can now start to experiment with colour by adding in cushions, bedding, rugs and candles for pops of colour. Go for clashing shades like blue and yellow!  

    • Look out for slogan prints you can hang on the walls – a positive affirmation in a bold, colourful frame is a fun touch.

    • Kitsch, retro accessories work well with this theme – like a vintage radio, a 60s rounded mirror or quirky rotary phone!
    • Add decor items to scatter blocks of colour - think ceramic lamps, books or cushions to draw in the eye and finish the space.

These bright colour bedroom ideas exude positivity and happiness – you can’t help but smile when surrounded by so much energy! Retreat here when you need a mood boost after a long day and you’ll soon feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Luxury Bedroom Aesthetic 

If you love the sense of escape that comes with visiting five-star hotels (or maybe just looking at their Insta feeds!), these tips will help bring that luxury home-away-from-home feel into your space.  A luxury bedroom aesthetic can be achieved using many different colours - you can opt for a light or dark palette and introduce sumptuous fabrics and textures into your space.

We loved the idea of starting the inspiration journey from luxury, stylish cities like Milan or New York.  Our luxury palette and colour ideas we've shared below is based off one of our new SS23 trends 'Retro Milano'.  This collection will help you to create a space that oozes elegance and sophistication.

luxury bedroom decor ideas.jpg

Create the Look:
  • Create a sense of sumptuous warmth with luxury fabrics like velvet and suede in pink, purple and bronze shades.
  • Look for dark wooden accents – especially grained oak – to add depth and texture.

  • Bring in a sense of architecture with industrial light fittings that utilise cool metals. 

  • A soft, light colour on the walls will balance your space and stop it feeling too dark.  Shop nudes or natural paints from our paint category.  You could also consider a feature wall using an art-deco or geometric style wallpaper.  This will give your room retro-glam focal point.  The wallpaper featured in this inspirational pallet above is 'impression' by Sanderson which you can find in our wallpaper category.  This is quite a neutral but luxury wallpaper that pairs well with a loud bedding set.  

  • A statement luxury padded headboard can help to transform and elevate the overall look of a room, giving it that 5* hotel feel.
  • Finish off with framed prints.  Go for walnut frames to tie in with the rest of the space, or consider some metal wall art that blends nicely with the metal finishings which match your furniture.


Romantic bedroom aesthetic

A romantic bedroom aesthetic can be achieved through design, but it is equally important to consider the atmosphere and sensory elements that contribute to a romantic mood.  Think candles, fairy lights or floor lamps to keep lighting soft on an evening, paired with soft colour palettes that are warm and soothing through the day.

With spring and summer just around the corner, we love the idea of adding a touch of floral to your bedroom space.

romantic bedroom ideas.jpg

The romantic bedroom trend combines elegant floral motifs with 1960s vintage charm for a feminine finish that captures the freshness of those first blooms.

Create the Look:

  • A muted or soft palette can help to create a gentle, delicate look – think light creams, blush and dusty pinks and purples and sage greens.

  • Faded florals are central to this theme, so look for bedding that has a vintage vibe in soft fabrics like linen or cotton.

  • Keep an eye on the details – ruffled edges, embroidered lines and scalloped hems will all add to the romance of your room.  

  • If you prefer just a touch of floral rather than an entire look, choose a padded headboard for more texture, or a headboard with an elegant shape to make the bed the focal point.

  • Keep lighting low with fabric lampshades that diffuse the light and create a romantic ambience.

  • Introducing scent to your space can really add layers to your interiors – a delicate rose candle or fresh lavender reed diffuser will lift that floral theme.

  • Surrounding yourself with nature will bring a sense of calm to your bedroom – great for promoting healthy sleep and connecting you with the changing of the seasons. 


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