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DIM Paris – the must–have French brand, famous for quality underwear for Women, Men and Kids. Number one for comfort, style and support.

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Discovering Daily Seduction

Imagine a world where comfort and sensuality blend in perfect harmony in your lingerie drawer. That's exactly what La Redoute offers with its 'String Femme Dim' category. Crafted in soft cotton and flexible stretch, these thongs praise everyday comfort while flattering the figure. A nod to every woman's femininity, featuring discreet lingerie under even the tightest garments. Don't sacrifice sexiness for comfort; here, you get both in one smart purchase.

Unlimited choice for all desires

A palette of colors to make a rainbow swoon, sizes that delicately embrace every curve; La Redoute is the place where your lingerie desires come true. Opt for a set of thongs to vary the pleasures or a unique model for a special occasion. Dim fuses quality and trend to offer an unforgettable lingerie experience, with colors and patterns that defy the ordinary. With every closet door filled with these little panty treasures, you can be sure of a day when feeling good is the name of the game.

Smart Buy, Fast Delivery

Buying on La Redoute means the promise of a service as impeccable as the lingerie you choose. Efficient delivery, the chance to find the perfect thong at a low price thanks to multiple offers, and the joy of discovering clever pockets to keep those lingerie essentials well organized. And don't worry if you're worried about sizing: a detailed guide will help you find your perfect fit. This is the promise of a shopping experience where satisfaction and anticipation of delivery come together for a jubilant result.
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