Women's grey sweater

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A wide variety of women's gray sweaters.

Anthracite knit tops are both sober and chic. Made from wool or cashmere, this warm garment will keep you warm all winter long. If you opt for a low-cut collar, you can pair it with a colorful scarf for a cheerful touch.

Let yourself be seduced by gray in your looks by discovering a unique offer in this color. In this clothing department, we have 141 customer reviews generating a rating of 4. For example, for our best-seller "sweatshirt, raglan sleeves", "Lili" gave us a review: "Sweatshirt for my daughter, good size, not disappointed with the quality, nice color" and gave it 5/5. Lightweight, aesthetic or expensive, creations in cotton, viscose or polyamide have distinct uses. Choose your product according to your expectations.
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