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Discover the elegance of a velvet bed

Immerse yourself in a world of softness with La Redoute's selection of velvet beds. Prized for its silky touch and luxurious appearance, velvet gives your bedroom a warm, refined ambience. Whether you're looking for a touch of sophistication or a cozy cocoon for your nights, a velvet bed will do the trick. The sumptuous fabric transforms the bed into the centerpiece of your bedroom, inviting you to relax from the very first glance.

Comfort and sturdiness: the slatted bed base

Beyond its impeccable aesthetics, a bed needs to be comfortable and sturdy. By opting for a velvet bed with a slatted base, you choose the ideal compromise between flexibility and support. The wooden slats, arranged to optimize comfort, adapt to your body's movements, prolonging the life of your mattress. The bed frame, designed to stand the test of time, ensures perfect stability. Peaceful, restful nights await you in a bed that combines elegance and quality.

Options and sizes to suit every need

Whether your interior is spacious or more restricted, La Redoute offers a wide range of velvet beds to suit every space. Clever storage options, such as the trunk bed, allow you to optimize your space while maintaining a neat design. Various sizes are also available, from single to king-size. As for color, beige offers a soothing shade that blends easily into any decor. Each product is accompanied by a detailed product sheet and customer reviews, so you can make an informed and confident choice. Delivery is designed to give you total satisfaction, with options tailored to your requirements.
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