Khaki cargo trousers

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Would a pair of khaki cargo pants satisfy you?

Like the trellis, some are unconditional fans of these green bottoms with their large side pockets. There's plenty of storage space in this plain garment for everyday wear. Its comfort is one of the reasons for its success.

What could be better than khaki pants? We're delighted to be one of the first e-tailers to stock khaki references. We've collected a total of 140 product reviews for 'khaki cargo pants'. By giving a good rating to La Redoute and stating: "Good value for money.comfortable fit but not close to the body.too bad there are no leg ties because depending on the size of the wearer the flap might drag on the ground.", "Motard rp sud" shows us that our regulars don't regret their purchase. Practical, solid or rustic, cotton, polyester or viscose compositions have a variety of intrinsic applications. Make your choice according to your intended use.
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