Desk with bookshelf

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Would you like a library desk?

A 2-in-1 piece of furniture for the bedroom or living room offers a seated work surface, and a shelved structure for storing and sorting your books. Space-saving, it's ideal for small rooms.

What's more, blending shades is a timeless part of home design. Would you like bleached oak, wood or grey? Get access to the trendiest color variations for your office. With over 352 product evaluations, we've collected an overall rating of 3.9. By submitting an excellent rating to La Redoute and summarizing: "I've finally found a desk to suit me: comfortable workspace with room for a computer and printer without any problems. the wood is beautiful and the finishes are of high quality. very nice effect in a living room. easy to assemble: bring an electric screwdriver!", "Inga17" shows that our consumers don't regret their purchase. Terre de nuit' and 'La redoute interieurs' benefit from distinct qualities, not to mention the 'Calicosy' company. So read our sellers' descriptions before ordering.
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