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A large selection of women's black cardigans is available here.

Made for feminine everyday wear, a dark-toned jacket goes with every style. Unfastened or buttoned at the front, it is available with a round or V-neck collar, depending on taste. In plain knit, it can be embellished with patterns. Whether you're a little distinguished or ultra-trendy, La Redoute has a list of products for you. The women's black cardigan section is sure to please our regulars. This is how "M.h.c" described her successful purchase: "A cozy cardigan for cocooning. soft and warm. not yet washed, so we'll have to wait and see over the long term to judge its quality". Since your bank account will have an impact on your purchase, La Redoute sells different qualities of material (viscose, polyester or wool) to match your savings.
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