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What’s on my shelfie by @darklordinterior

What's on my shelf?
Our popular series continues with Dean Powell of @darklordinterior showing us the contents of his shelves and telling his story.
Dean appeared on BBC Design Masters and loves to showcase his style on Instagram.

The minimalist bookshelf

I love La Redoute and this Hiba low steel bookshelf looks modern and contemporary in any space. It's the perfect focal point in my living room, combining style and practicality in one. It's dual function allows me to display my plants and books that I love in one place.

Hiba Low Steel Dual-Function Bookshelf


This geometric framed canvas acts as a bold backdrop on my black painted walls. The monochrome print stands out perfectly, drawing you into the space as soon as you walk into the room. Its abstract design uses a textured background with various brushed strokes. This not only adds interest and texture, but gives the illusion that it's a bespoke piece. I love that the canvas can be hung either way, meaning I can choose its position on the wall.
75 x 75cm Monochrome Geo Framed Canvas


I've chosen three vases that encapsulate my interior style. This season I'm loving the ceramic and hand crafted look that the Sira vase gives. It not only adds height to the shelf but I love that it takes inspiration from the Arts and Craft movement and is perfectly textured.
Sira 36.5cm High Decorative Ceramic Vase
The Anaia vase is slimmer and more sleek. It works well being clustered together with the 'Anaïa' vase, which is much rounder and shorter in its appearance. Made from metal, it's durable and easy to keep clean. I always group items in twos or threes to add visual interest and this is something that I do throughout my home.
Anaïa 29.5cm High Metal Vase


I am famed for my love of plants and use them in every room in my house. I love the pop of colour that they give when sat against a dark background. These plants that I have chosen are all artificial. I can't believe how real they look!! As someone who loves plants and dark interiors, having real plants isn't always possible, especially in darkest corners of my house. By using artificial plants, I can create the look I want without the worry of having to look after them... It certainly takes away the hassle of having to find a plant sitter when I go away!! The trailing Monstera can not only be placed in a pot but it can also be hung from the ceiling or a hook with the rope included. I love the versatility that this gives you.

45cm Artificial Real Touch Monstera Plant
45cm Artificial Real Touch Monstera Plant

54cm Artificial Trailing Succulent Plant - String of Pearls

54cm Artificial Trailing Succulent Plant - String of Pearls
These two trailling plants are great at adding interest beneath the shelves. The 'strings of pearls' really do look like their name, delicately hanging. and the Spanish Moss is more rustic in its appearance and looks like a plant that's always been here. I love the washed green foliage in contrast to the black the metal unit.

70cm Artificial Trailing Spanish Moss / Tilandsia Plant
Finally I chose these Palm leave stems as they look like lots of the other tropical plants I have thoughout my house and garden. I love bringing the outside in with the use of plants and these do that perfectly. They add height to the top of the shelf and sit boldly in front of the printed canvas.

Pack of 3 Artificial Palm Leaf Stems

Pack of 3 Artificial Palm Leaf Stems
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