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Top Tips for a Family Staycation

Who wants to endure a four-hour flight with over-excited children? Not us, so we’ll be enjoying a family staycation this year…

Aaaaah, the family holiday. It’s never quite as relaxing as you think it’ll be, is it? Airports, planes, strange hire cars with car seats you just can’t fathom out, missed naps, late bedtimes, time differences, not a single shop that sells the specific snack your child cannot do without… trekking across the world with your kids in tow can be a logistical nightmare. So why not stay in the UK this year?
There are loads of benefits to holidaying closer to home. It’s cheaper for one, and better for the environment. Plus there’s so much to see right here in the UK – why bother going further afield? Here are our top tips for making the most of a family staycation…

Choose your destination wisely

The whole point of a staycation is that the journey to it is much less stressful. So if you live in Cornwall, maybe don’t choose Scotland (unless you and your kids like 11-hour car journeys!). Look at locations within a 1-2 hour drive to minimize time spent in the car. 

Load up and roll out

The best thing about a family staycation is you can take the car, and the car can carry all your stuff. Daughter’s ridiculously large stuffed teddy that she can’t be without? In the boot it goes. Toddler needs at least five different drinking cups to avoid total meltdown? They’re all packed and ready. Your 13-step skincare routine? It’s in the bag. Take as many home comforts as you need without worrying about getting them through security. 


Get your big shop delivered

If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation, don’t bother taking any food from home.  Instead, do a big shop online and order all your favourite food to arrive at your destination a few hours after you. That way you’re covered for your whole stay without schlepping tins of beans down the M1, and you don’t have to drag your excitable children round Tesco as part of their holiday. 


Plan and book before you go

Whether you’re heading to a well-known holiday park or just rocking up at a campsite and hoping for the best, having a rough plan for each day will ensure no one gets bored and starts saying ‘we should’ve just gone to Spain, at least there’s a beach!’. Many of the big holiday parks offer discounts if you pre-book things like climbing, horse riding or cycle hire, or you can use sites like Tripadvisor to find fun things to do in the area you’re staying. 

Take photos and make memories

A UK staycation might not feel quite as special as jetting off somewhere exotic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not – remind little ones that a holiday at home is just as exciting as one that involves a plane by taking lots of photos of your trip and creating a ‘book of adventures’ when you get home. That way they can show their friends how they spent the summer the same way they would if they’d been abroad. 
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