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Stylish storage solutions – Tips, tricks and hacks

Still feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas and the overload of ‘stuff’? As well as cheer, Christmas brings with it a huge excess of things – toys, clothes, toiletries, electronics and endless pairs of socks. Which is a great and generous thing, but also poses an issue – where to put it all?!
In this post we’re covering stylish storage solutions for your Christmas excess but before we get into that, there’s something else to consider. In these tough times, many people are struggling to buy presents for their children, to replace old clothes and even to buy basic toiletries. If you find yourself with an abundance of things that could be used elsewhere, consider donating toys, clothes and toiletries to a charity that can distribute them to those in need. Then you’re winning on two fronts – you’ll have a plenty of room in your house and you’ll be helping those less fortunate. 

Toy storage

This is probably the biggest storage issue facing parents at this time of year – where do all the toys go? Rather than just shoving everything in together or buying a whole new storage unit just for the new stuff, we recommend the rotation method to really make the most of your children’s toy collection.
Start by sorting through all the toys you have, taking out any your little ones have outgrown, or that are broken or have pieces missing. Once you’ve whittled down your core collection, separate it into two piles – toys they love now and ones they’re not too bothered about. The toys they’re playing with now can be stored ready for everyday play, while the ones they’re not into at the moment can be put away. In a few weeks, when they’ve exhausted all play options with their current toys, rotate the collection by swapping them around, popping more in storage and bringing out a few they’ve forgotten about. Works like a charm to keep them interested, and keep the collection more manageable!
For toy storage solutions, we recommend something your children can access themselves so you’re not getting up every five minutes to retrieve something for them. We love rattan baskets, which can be tipped out, dragged around and used as part of their play. And they look super stylish, too!

Clothing storage

If your wardrobe is bulging and getting dressed is a constant chore, you need a better storage solution (and probably fewer clothes, too!). For many of us, space is an issue when it comes to clothing storage, so make sure you’re maximising what you’ve got by packing away your out-of-season stuff and keeping what’s on display relevant. You can do a bit of quick housekeeping by flipping through your collection and asking three questions: 
1) does it fit? 2) is it in wearable condition? 3) have I worn it in the last year? 
If you answer no to any of the above, it’s time to get rid and make some space!
Once you’re happy with the clothes you have, you can look at ways to store them more efficiently. We love the Marie Kondo method of folding to keep things looking neat and free up space in drawers, and things like shoe storage cupboards (love this one) and double hangers can really help. 

If you’re struggling to fit your new winter coat or shiny new boots in your current storage set-up, an additional clothing rail in the spare bedroom is a good option, and we love this one with industrial details.

Finally, a Scandi-style blanket box can sit at the foot of your bed, doubling up as a cute bench but with loads of space inside for your stuff. Lush!

Electronics storage

Hands up if someone in your household got a PS5 for Christmas? Maybe the new XBOX, or a surround sound system? Lucky them, but also… all that tech on display in your sleek, minimal living room? No thank you. 
Luckily, there are plenty of options for TV units that hide an abundance of electronics behind stylish sliding doors. We love this retro curved style, while this chic, modern unit has even more storage space inside. And with cable management holes, you can hide all the wires too. No one will ever know what’s behind those doors!

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