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Recreate Your Rooms on a Budget

The new season is finally here, and the urge to spring clean and embark on some home improvements is hard to resist. From de-cluttering to reconfiguring spaces in your home, ambitious plans needn’t call for big budgets. Our savvy guide of decoration ideas is all about inspiring small changes to make a big difference. So if you’re after affordable decorating tips, read on….

Revamping Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is looking a little tired – pardon the pun – then there are more effortless ways to spruce up your sleeping space than calling the painters in. A few soft furnishings are all you need to transform a colour scheme, add texture or simply create a contrast against stark walls.

Bedding is always great to have in abundance, but before bookmarking a plain white set, look for something a little different. Simple stripes or patterns in pale pastels will prove timeless but provide a fresh twist against plainer styles you might already own. 


pastel blue bedding.jpg


Rugs are also a must if you have bare or wooden floors – but also work well layered over carpet. A pair of jute runners alongside your bed will make your room feel immediately cosier and help frame the space. Or make a statement with a boldly coloured rug positioned at the end of your bed frame. 


runner bedroom.jpg


Curtains are also an easy and practical win. The wool-mix style below comes with arresting design details, such as leather tabs and gold rings for a luxe finish. Attach them to a brass pole, look out for quirky tie-backs and your bedroom windows will be transformed. 



Bedroom Favourites

Bed Linen

Jute Bedside Rugs

Alabama Printed Rug


Tie Backs

Brass Pole


Hit Refresh in Your Living Room

The lounge is your haven; your space to unwind and put your feet up – but chances are you spend a lot of time focusing one wall (yes, that one with the large rectangular piece of entertainment on it) and ignoring the rest. So why not experiment with creating a feature wall? It’s easier than you think…

Start by making your wall distinctly different from the others in the room - such as with a slick of paint. Choose a colour which really pops against the rest of your interior, so go for a pastel if your room is dark, or vice versa. Better still, a vibrant, patterned wallpaper will really command attention.

Next up, spend time adorning your statement wall. Invest in interesting new shelves and pepper them with conversation-starting trinkets, such as candleholders, clocks, mirrors, pots, books, frames and vases. Position a set of three shelves at varying heights to create different proportions. The beauty of shelves is that while they remain fixed, you can forever move things around and mix up your composition of keepsakes.



Another stylish option for your feature wall are these fabulous mirrors. They look great as a pair, or just on their own on a smaller wall and can rejuvanate a wall as well as make the room look more spacious 




Living Room Favourites

Marble Clock

Metal Cactus


Blue Vases



Overhaul Your Office


A study can often be the most overlooked space when it comes to décor. Functionality is key, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with crafty storage solutions to make your workspace more inspiring.


magazine rack.jpg


If your home office needs to house a lot of important things, why not make a feature out of them? This quirky magazine rack is the ideal home for brochures, paperwork that needs to be filed an inspiring print or two to add colour to walls.  Extend the black metal theme to desk accessories to tie the room together, such a pen pot and letter tray.

For all things bulky – or if your workstation doubles up as an overspill of family essentials such as bed linen or clothes, make sure they are elegantly disguised in these metal storage trunks.

storage trunk.jpg


Get Composing in Your Kitchen Diner

Kitchens are often the hardest room to makeover because unless you go to the expense of ordering new units, you feel stuck with your lot. However, creating a new focus is one way of reimagining the space, all you need is a simple recipe… 


Take one kitchen table and part cover it with a beautiful table runner. Patterned or plain, this simple layer will go miles to reinvent your existing table. 


table runner.jpg


Next, adorn with mix-and-match earthenware to create an eclectic setting.




Finally, garnish with a vase and a bunch of fresh eucalyptus and breathe in your new-look kitchen-diner.



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